March 19, 2019

AskIH: What eng skillsets should I look for to build this product?


Hey guys, I'm interested in building an app/plug-in for google calendar (kinda like grammarly, or boomerang but using g-cal)

I would love to get some advice on:
• What type of dev skill sets/languages I should be looking for in an engineer? • Any cautionary thoughts on building a product based on g-cal?

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    You shouldn't be looking for specific languages. You should be looking for problem solving abilities, productivity and experience doing contract work.

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    The specific skillset you need will probably depend on what you're trying to do but at the very least you're probably looking at Javascript.

    If you intend to add some interface on top of Google Calendar and it doesn't have an API, you're probably going to have to deal with parsing the HTML directly which seems kind of flaky since it will break every time they push an update.

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      Cool, thank you! Do apps like Grammarly and Boomerange just handle gsuite updates exceptionally well? Or just depends on the product and gmail being more developed.

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