May 27, 2019

AskIH: Which investor's account should I follow?

Shun Yamada @shyamady

Please recommend me great investors and VC account.

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      Thanks a ton!

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    Jason Calacanis. He runs Launch, and has an awesome podcast called This Week in Startups.

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      Thanks. I like his podcast and youtube :)

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    The one who has most made me revise my assumptions is Peter Thiel. He's only tweeted once, though.

    I'd also highly recommend Paul Graham, Marc Andreesen and Naval Ravikant. Of all of them, @naval has the best Twitter game by far (though @pmarca used to). PG's essays are still under-rated, IMO.

    Non tech-specific, Nassim Taleb is also a source for useful ideas and I especially enjoyed his old book, Fooled by Randomness.

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      Thanks! I'll check it later :)

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    Michael Seibel, here is his twitter account: @mwseibel

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      I always learn from you :) Thanks