Atypical parter-up proposition

Hello hackers,

I'm working on multiple projects of my own but at this point I'm not ready/don't want to involve any co-founders. What I could greatly benefit from, however, is a person with certain skill sets that is not necessarily what I'm good at so that I can focus on what I'm good at. Even if this meant doing some work for somebody else because doing what I know is simply far more efficient as opposed to learning.

I'm looking for somebody who'd be willing to skill swap on very simple basis - my unit of time in return for your unit of time. I am a developer with an mvp but no marketing skills. So the idea is that you could do my marketing related stuff in return for me helping you out with your coding/automation/tech related things for your project.

I am an experienced developer with years of experience and I'm looking for a marketing counterpart in a similar situation i.e. a professional with a proven record in marketing.

If you think this is not a good idea please comment and let me know why.
If you think that this is an interesting proposal then perhaps there should be a 'skill swap' group on IndieHackers?

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    Hi @jake_db - we could use some tech as we are looking for a tech-co founder and barters are our thing - i have a background on sales, marketing and BD - happy to connect and see if we can help each-other.
    Our current MVP - https://thetixs.com

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      Sure, let's talk. Could could you please send me an e-mail so that we can arrange a video call?

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    What is your tech stack? Experience Language is using React/JavaScript/mySQL on AWS. We could use tech help and we have two great marketers. We would be looking for a long term relationship. Our idea is here:



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      Hi Brett,
      Right now I work mainly with node.js, Angular and Mongo but I also have a lot of experience with .net and have been working with mySQL and AWS in the past.
      Please email me if you'd like to schedule a call so that we can discuss the details

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