Meetups April 17, 2019

Austin Meetup in May

Buddhima Kuru @buddhs

Hi! Dropping in here to figure out who's in for a meetup in May? Let's get the ball rolling

#meetups #austin

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      Awesome! Excited to hear how this goes.

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    Definitely in!

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    Usually don't do the meetup thing, but always down if there's a Slack community for us Austinites.

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    I’m in! Would love to meet some of the indie hackers community here

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    we'll post an update soon!

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    In Houston, but occasionally come to Austin. Would be interested.

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      @Amer and @masonhensley are doing meetups in Houston.

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    I'm new to Austin, looking fw to meeting new people.

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    @buddhs I'm interested!

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    I'm new to IH and Austin, but I'd be into it.

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    Hi @buddhs . Yah, I'm definitely interested!

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      @ryannordyke Great! Waiting for more Austin folks to get in on this :) Were you at the last IH meetup?

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        No, unfortunately couldn't make it. But eager to make it to the next one. Just FYI, i can normally make it if I have about a week's advance notice so I can adjust my schedule 🤘