Automated Greeting Cards for important people in your life -- Feedback wanted!


We recently launched our greeting cards as a subscription service (Better Friend Cards) to our friends and family and got a LOT of good feedback. We are looking for more feedback from the IH community.

The product allows you to never miss sending a friend/close person in your life a personalized greeting card for holidays, birthdays and anniversaries.

These can all be pre-scheduled so you don't forget. We then ship the card to you; with the postage and packaging so you can personalize it and send it to your friend.

Right now we only send cards in USA and are giving all testers 3 free cards.

We are still working on building up our card library but we would love feedback at this early stage.

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    This is interesting. I like the idea. I can see this turning into Amazon wish lists for family members and long distance relationships​(Santa Clause Loves your service). are you guys writing and designing your own cards? Facebook knows everyone's​ damn birthday lol...maybe an integration there somehow​?

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    Your site is missing a favicon.

    First thing I see past the header is 2 meaty paragraphs of text. Maybe break those up, or highlight the important parts?

    0 images aside from the generic stamps up top. They don't have to be professional but maybe just a little graphics to show how it works?

    Show examples of your cards on the homepage. That is one of the biggest things that would prevent me from signing up.

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    I just saw you were from Rochester lol. We should get this group going: http://meetu.ps/c/4lx2C/KnqCQ/f

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