May 20, 2019

Automated Marketing KPIs template for Google Sheets

Angélique Toque 👀 @angeliquetoque

Hola guys! 🙂
I've created with my team an automated spreadsheet to track your Marketing KPIs performance. This template allows you to keep track of your Content Marketing, SEO & SEM, E-mail marketing and more, everything within an automated dashboard. Would love to hear your thoughts:

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    It's terrific!
    I will try it soon.

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      Whoa! Thanks a lot, would be awesome to hear your thoughts <3

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    Woww Angélique , looks awesome , I tried the free version and it is great, so useful, we are a small startup, and it is hard for us start to get data and organize them. I will tell my team about it .

    The landing page I think it is so simple, I would like a better design.

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      Hola Mateo :) thanks for your comment. We will improve it soon. Would be really cool to hear your thought on the template - if you need any assistance, please let me know. We can help you manage not only your marketing activities but also other processes within your startup. Greetings! :-)

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        Hello, Thanks a lot angelique with your offer. I will follow your project I am very interesting and I would like to keep in contact with you.