Podcasters January 27, 2021

Automatic transcript service

Lior Barak @liorb

Hi everyone,
I used lately the Google speech to text integration but not so happy with it and wish to move to another service.
A friend a long time ago told me he subscribed to a great service with a flat rate of 9.99 a month for up to five hours of transcripts but I can't find the name of the service.
Does any of you know and can help?

Thanks for your time

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    I used this one many times; very happy with the experience 👉 HappyScribe

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      The pricing schema is a bit expensive for what we need, we are using today Temi which is not bad, but the costs are more or less the same as happyscribe

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    I have used Otter.ai previously, they offer a free account that's limited in terms of time and then upgrade as required. I was pretty impressed, I'd say worth a try.

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      Thanks just finished trying them, it was very bad quality at the beginning but it got better, you need to be very clear

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    Just learned about this on IH yesterday: https://you-tldr.com/
    Not sure if you can make use of it but looks like a cool service.

    I guess you can always create an unlisted video and then run it through this service.

    ALl the best!

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      Was thinking about it as well, will give it a try

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