Podcasters May 14, 2020

Automatically generate podcast transcripts

Alessandro Diaferia @alediaferia

It's unbelievable how easy and cheap it is these days to do something as time consuming as transcribing a podcast with a few clicks from any computer.

I'm currently working on a podcast and just gave Google Speech-to-Text API a try to transcribe my episodes.

You can read more about how I did it here: https://alediaferia.com/2020/05/14/how-used-gcp-transcripts-podcast/

TL;DR: the result was not too bad!

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    Interesting. I tried both Google and AWS a couple of months ago, and the results were VERY different. Amazon's transcription was almost perfect, and Google's was usually just mediocre and sometimes only returned a portion of the episode. Maybe I was doing something wrong?

    Just wanted to share my experience. I was actually surprised that Google's wasn't more accurate. Maybe it was the audio quality too, who knows.

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      Hey, thanks for your feedback! I think I'm going to give AWS a try too, really curious about comparing the results! I might share the comparison in another blog post. Cheers

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        That would be cool. Like I said, my Google results were so bad that maybe my inputs were setup wrong somehow.