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Automation | Knowing your audience

The Opt-out message

Following the Recruitment email article, this one is about the aftermath.

The context for those that haven't read it: I was sent an email from a recruitment agency asking if I wanted to opt-out. Automated, yes. But frustratingly in-human. It reeked of 'template'.

| What is the audience?

A recruitment agencies key audience: out of work people, potentially stressing about getting a job (especially through COVID). Some use it to test the water but we'll focus on the former for now.

Their job is to connect the person to the role. Much like a doctor, you hope you don't need to see them again for a while!

\\ Once I'd opted out, this was the message:

"Your account is now deactivated. We are really sorry to see you leaving us but we hope to see you again soon."


Essentially saying they hope you are out of work again soon. Not a great way to build a relationship.

\\ This is what I would have gone for:

"Suppose that means you got your new role? CONGRATS!

We're here if you ever need us again but, in the nicest way possible, its good to see you go!

Opt-out successful."

Does the job of notifying the user of a successful opt-out, with the bonus of continuing to build the relationship.

Should you need to use an agency again, or refer your friend, which would you pick? The one that is clearly in it for the fee, or the empathetic, compassionate agency that cares for their clients and makes it known?

I know which I'd go for.

Little details make a huge difference in your automation process. Set them up with the human in mind. And, when the market changes, make sure you're emotionally up to date in your communication.

I'd love to know what you think! If you enjoyed the article drop a comment below; share your wisdom.

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