Looking to Partner Up March 1, 2020

Available to partner up as a full stack digital marketer & behavioral designer on equity + rev share basis - (for techies)

Prathamesh Krisang @prakrisang

I started my career as a designer, eventually getting into film-making and then into full-stack digital marketer and now have been successfully working as a behavioral designer. I have been selling things for as long as I remember (from the age of 5). I have been building up my agency business since last 8 years and helping my clients grow anywhere between 2x to 10x within 12 months.

I have the bandwidth to use my own and my agency resources if there is an exciting product (that is ready with MVP or has some traction) as a co-founder. If you have an exciting product, and if I am able to help you with it. I am happy to chat. Cheers! :)

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    I am interested - just sent you an email.