Back for round 2!


Hey all for round 2! The feedback I got last post lead to some fundamental changes. I'd love for everyone to take another look

1.) What do you think we do

2.) Why do you think it matters (or doesn't)

3.) Why you chose not to try a trial (not relevant, too much effort etcetera)

4.) What would cause you to try a trial

5.) All the general feedback like design & copy critiques

Thanks in advance for helping us grow!


  1. 2

    This is one of the ugliest landing pages I have seen in the long time. It is important, I would never trust a product if I don't think landing page is well done (how can I trust a product is well done as well?)

    How many people would need your product? Who is a target group?

  2. 1
    1. It is email generator and i don't see, why i should choose yours over another one
    2. Spam filtering or when you don't want to give someone your real one contacts
    3. I have an another email for this purposes :)
    4. I think, i'm just not in the product focus area. May be i will use this service with some kind of email-verification assistant. Where i can one-click generate email and then get code without opening another site. Would be a cool feature i think.
    5. Change orange and black colours to fit with the general blue background. Seriously, it looks like a power point presentation from 2009 year. Use services like https://coolors.co/ etc.

    And sorry, for my bad english :) i just trying to help your business

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