Meta March 12, 2020

Back on IH after a while and I just want to say thank you all!

Vladimir Palacio @deifos

It's been a while since I visit but this morning I just had to come and scroll down the list of posts and read some of the amazing stories, feedback and work that the whole community is always doing, I can easily feel that contagious vibe of LET'S EXECUTE not just think about it. I love it.

Thank you @csallen and the whole community for making this space possible.

On other note I'm also very excited because I just got paid for a full year ($180) by my first customer for a product that is barely built. (idefy), I still have no brand no website, no UI but just a basic script that although is basic for me, it is providing value to someone.

I will be updating the product page with some details and share my progress as I go along.

All the best to al IH's and keep hacking.

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    Thank you for the kind words and congrats on your first customer!

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    i'm relatively new to the platform and i'm loving the fuck out of it so hard.

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    I have to say you're welcome :D People help people and that's all we need !
    Cheers :)