Be bold. I have only one issue with IH...

I've just completed the feedback form that Courtland sent out to active users. This was my reply at one of his good sparking question regarding what could be improved. And I felt a little bit ashamed that I didn't share this though with the community so far.
So here I'm..

"Sometimes I feel like all our ideas are slowly converging.
We are repeating the same story. Not only in IH but also on the most read business books and magazines. I want to say to the IH community: BE BOLD!
The next big idea is already there. Hidden somewhere, we just have to listen carefully and don't be scared to go upstream"


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    Any tips on being bold?

    I feel I grew my company by understanding my community, but also just looking to outside our industry for inspiration and ideas. I knew that if I focused too much on the software testing industry and competition then I wouldn't create something that I was happy with. But that there were plenty of other ideas from different spaces that I could adapt/borrow/steal.

    It worked for me, is that bold enough? :)

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    I feel like some of us are converging in methodology, process, or timing, but not in other areas. I like that, it's like a temporal sync, like a small cohort within a larger community. That's how it feels with the people engaging in Harlem's daily standups anyway.

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