Learning to Code March 25, 2020

Becoming a self-taught web developer is hard.

Josh Ternyak @JoshTernyak

Being a web developer is challenging, stressful, and confusing. But how do you become a self-taught web developer? Well, you teach yourself by finding tutorials and practicing thousands of times. What about if you're a teenager? Well, the same applies.

At the age of 13, I began teaching myself web development and have loved doing it ever since. I started by learning the basics of python, and then switched to learning front-end: html, css, javascript. It was a challenging process, but I am proud of myself for not giving up.

Here are some great resources to become a professional web developer:

Once you begin learning how to code, you might experience a feeling of excitement. Well, in that case, welcome to the club. You'll most likely feel very "happy" writing code for the first several months. However, you will eventually get to a point where you don't necessarily enjoy it either. This is because of the challenges it will bring(debugging code, fixing a design, restarting your old computer).

It is very important to understand what your goal is in web development. Is it to get hired at a company? Or is it to build web products that generate passive income? Whatever it is, identify it, and then write it down. I recommend using a todo list called Dynalist. It is very helpful for taking notes and organizing your day and week.

Once you feel that you can write some heavy-duty code, you should begin the phase in web development of building projects. My first project for a client was very challenging, confusing, and painful. I didn't know what or how to code the project's end result. However, through lots of learning, sweat, and tears, I ended up completing the project and getting paid an amount that made me happy at the time.

The thing is, my first project was valuable not because of what I got paid, but because of how much I learned throughout the experience. The biggest advice I can give to anyone who's a beginner web developer is to use your first projects as a learning experience, not a "getting paid" experience.

Well, congratulations. You are now a self-taught web developer. Welcome to the club. In that case, if you want to speed up your website building process: I recommend an html theme: loveyourlanding.com. It is very easy to buy, setup, and use.

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      Hey, yes, my email is [email protected]