Learning to Code March 4, 2020

Beginner programmer looking to collaborate with someone on a project.


Hey Indie Hackers,

I'd love to work on developing an application with someone, even if it's just completing a trivial task like proof-reading documentation or testing features. If you know of any opportunities for me or someone in a similar position then please don't hesitate to post them here!

I've been trying to learn to code in my spare time for the last year or so. I feel like I have a decent grasp of the fundamentals but I'm having difficulty applying them to real world projects. I imagine working alongside another developer(s) would be educational for both parties.

Best wishes,

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    Currently dont have a project but if you guys need any session on HTML, CSS, JS, Angular, Node please let me know I can give u guys a session

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      Hey man I would like some help with CSS, specifically how to position elements on the page so that they don't overlay or interfere with eachother. I have been trying to adjust the spacing but it's hard to get them perfectly aligned. Any tips for that? Thanks in advance :)

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        learn about css flex box and than css grid , both are for positioning elements in a container, also learn about units "vw" and "vh" both changes depending on the height and width of the screen, let me know if those helps or not

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          Thanks man, I looked into these and now have a better understanding of positioning. It's much easier with a grid-based layout to keep things in check.

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            Welcome :), Also learn about absolute and relative positioning and float. A simple cheat sheet "Nothing can be absolute without a relative, at the end of the day browser is relative"

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    nice man. whats your stack?

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      Hey mate,
      Honestly I've never built a proper application, but been learning html/css/js & php.
      I can write basic classes & functions but I find it tough to scale anything.
      What do you tend to use mate?

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        I'm kind of in the same boat mate.
        I know survival HTML,CSS and have been learning python. However, i'm more of an idea and marketing guy. I'm currently trying to put a project together and looking for developers interested in collaborating

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          Sweet, sounds good - feel free to drop me an email any time ([email protected]). If you wanna delegate a task or something I can look into it.
          Best of luck anyway

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    Hey there, I am an experienced web developer and would love to collaborate on a project. I can teach you and give you helpful and practical advice.

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    PseudoWalrus, on the same boat as you. What are your instincts? How do you see the coming year would take you, and have you thought of your business model, or still brainstorming? Whether the former or later, would like to collaborate with you.

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      Hey mate good to hear from you. It's early days but I'd love to build some form of SaaS business one day. Passive income streams would also be fun to explore. But currently I'm focusing on learning the trade lol, still not very experienced on the tech side of things so trying to absorb as much as I can.

      Would be great to work on something with you. What's your plan at the moment?

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        Walrus, That's great. I'm basically a content marketer. But same as you software as service is what I'm currently wanting to give a try at. I'm too studying the business modules to inflict the ideas into a solid ground project. More of grinding at the moment, honing down the fundamentals. Have you thought of service arbitrage? I think along the way I'm going to learn developing but be a polymath, and not getting astray. I'm open to new ideas and creative company. Let me know If we can collaborate on any mutual grounds and learning aside. Thanks

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          Hey mate, I haven't given service arbitrage much thought tbh, but I hear the margins are legit... Any ideas on how to find leads etc?
          I like your idea of being diverse, I'm trying to understand the business world a bit better but it's quite overwhelming.
          Will let you know once I get up and running for a collaborative project, currently educating myself until I am more confident if you feel me?
          Cheers pal

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    Hey if you plan or are open to learning react + dotnet core web api, do join me and some others who are starting a 'blog' web application as one of our resume projects. Hit me up if you are keen. We're all sort of newbies so we can always help one another.

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      Hey I'm well up for that, sounds like a great way to learn. How can I get involved?

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        I'm not sure if I can share my discord here or not. Check your email. (why does this place have no personal message option xD)

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          I was thinking the exact same thing lol

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    Hey Walrus,
    currently, I'm working on a 3D mockup generator and would need some help.
    The idea is, to upload images of your app, and display them on a 3D smartphone.
    You can change the background color and rotation of the smartphone and export the finished mockup as an image.
    Contact me, if you like!

    Backend: Python/Flask
    Frontend: TailwindCSS
    3D Engine: tbd. (three.js)

    Github: https://github.com/ChristianLutzCL/MockupGenerator

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    Cool, hope you're enjoying it so far! Unfortunately I don't have a project at the moment to offer up but I'd be happy to do some code reviews or be a resource if you ever have any questions

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      Cheers man, I'll keep you posted. Be nice to get some feedback once I have put together something more concrete. Nice one

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