March 12, 2019

Below $10K MRR and want to learn from the best? Apply for a LTV Conf scholarship

Emily Chisholm @echisholm

Thanks to Channing and Courtland for allowing us to share this scholarship with you all!

Thomas Smale knows what it's like taking every opportunity to grow your business. 10 years ago he founded FE International in his college dorm room and built it into a market-leading advisory firm – entirely bootstrapped. Now, he has done the same thing with LTVConf.

As a company, we attend, sponsor and speak at around 50 conferences per year. In 2018 alone, Thomas traveled equal to 10x around the world to attend industry events. Conferences are one of the highest-ROI ways to meet like-minded people and grow your business - and at this point, we like to think we know what makes a good event. Thomas has taken everything he's learned from attending other events to curate our own.

We took over from Andy Croll and Jonathan Markwell in the UK in 2018, who had been running it as an indie event for a number of years. Last year's UK event was a big hit with attendees (videos free here: so now we want to make it easier for small business owners in the US/Canada to attend.

So, we brought LTV Conf to NYC this coming April 3-4 2019! Conferences are extremely expensive to run (around $1000 per attendee in NYC) and rarely make a profit. We are fortunate to be profitable enough in our core business to be able to run a conference unprofitably, and focus on making it the best event. It is designed with the ultimate goal that you will come to the conference, use it as a launchpad to grow your business and join a community of successful, like-minded, supportive founders who will one day be in a position to sell the business for a profit through FE International (if you IPO, that is cool too - we really are not pitching anything!)

There will be no more than 400 attendees, sponsors are only products/services we use ourselves and all speakers are world-leading experts at what they do. Seriously, we make it a point to only invite the best of the best. You may recognize many of our speakers such as Nathan Barry (ConvertKit), Claire Suellentrop, April Dunford, Dan Martell, David Hauser and others. Over half of our speakers are women, too.

Regular tickets will be up to $1999 but to make this event ultra-available to IHers, we have opened up a scholarship program for tickets. We are looking for applicants who are:

  • keen on investing in the growth of their business
  • ready to launch or have launched a product
  • looking to build their network of successful entrepreneurs
  • able to get to NYC for 3-4 April

We have 20 scholarships available for IndieHackers and Thomas is going through each application personally.

If you tag a friend in the comments below and mention in the form that you saw the application here, we will move your application to the top of the list. Take advantage of this opportunity to join us at the SaaS event of the season and learn invaluable insights for your business for free! Apply here:

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    Woohoo got in. Thank you Emily, Thomas and indiehackers!!

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    Thanks for sponsoring the community!!! Applied 🤞

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    This is awesome! Thank you for sharing @echisholm 🚀

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    Approved 7 more IndieHackers members today!

    Keep the applications coming :)

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    Oh this is awesome. (cc @erosemberg). Will be applying shortly

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    This is really great @echisholm! Just applied.

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      Just got in as well.

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        Great!! See you there :)

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    Thanks Emily - looking forward to reviewing applications! 2 so far :)