Growth February 27, 2020

Best ad platform for B2B business customer acquisition?

Rick @indiehackee67


What's your experience with Facebook Ads vs Google Ads vs LinkedIn Ads for B2B business growth?
I have heard that LinkedIn has much higher CPC/CPM but I'm hoping that the conversion rate will be higher since there are more decision-makers and the targeting works better for 2B businesses.

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    There isn't really a "best" ad platform. All of those channels work for B2B SaaS, some are a better fit depending on your product and market.

    Something is "good" if you pay it less money then it pays you. I'm sure you're familiar with the concept of return on investment, but what you need to know is:

    • How much is a customer worth?
    • What % of that worth are you willing to spend to acquire a customer?
    • Which channel fits within that model?

    A lot of businesses find nowadays that Google Ads - especially when brand terms are taken out (a useless concept for a startup anyway as they have no brand) - don't deliver customers within this model.

    So they turn to Facebook and LinkedIn. Both have their nuances: Facebook isn't great for building B2B audiences, LinkedIn is expensive.

    But how about this - use LinkedIn outreach, organic network building and certain kinds of ads to grow an audience of website visitors that are perfect for your business (and probably earn a few customers in the process).

    Then, use Facebook to retarget the visitors who don't convert and build lookalike audiences to scale things.

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      @AndrewAllsop that's a good approach. Thanks for sharing your insight!