Product Development June 2, 2020

Best app for 1 KPI dashboard from various sources?


Data is scattered right now.. I'd like to create 1 dashboard for my team which summarizes the most important data so we know how we're doing.

What's the best web app for this?
Is it PowerBI?

Data sources:

  • MongoDB
  • Google Analytics
  • BigQuery

Not required but 💖:

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    i've used metabase... it's open source.

    1. 2

      Another vote for Metabase! It does an AMAZING job

      1. 1

        it can do quite a bit. i hope more folks check it out.

    2. 2

      Woaa.. looks like just what we need. Thx 8bit! 😁😁

      1. 1

        no problem!

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    I'm partial to Databox for stuff like Google Analytics, but you might better benefit from Google Data Studio for BigQuery. Not sure if it supports Mongo though.

  3. 1

    Hey @Mathias458 I'm working on this. I will have a beta ready early next week. Would you be interested in giving it a try?

    It will work without needing to give us direct access to your database (e.g. MongoDB) but instead just linking your REST API to the dashboard.

    I'm happy to jump on a call to explain more if you are interested, or simply give you access to play with the tool.