May 9, 2019

Best hosted api documentation tool?

nadima @ih11

I'm looking for a tool like to publish API docs. It has to be free or super cheap (<5$/mo) and support custom domain (
Any tips?
I've tried Gitbook but found the editing is pretty clunky (e.g. can't reorder params in an API description, copy/pasting has issues, can't reorder pages, ...)

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    We use Swagger. It is very powerful but hard to get started on it

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      Can you show me a sample documentation built with swagger?

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    I'm building something that might help. It creates a documentation site from markdown files stored in Github. No editing capabilities yet, but there are plenty of good markdown editors.

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    You could use an offline tool to generate the HTML, then host it somewhere free like Github Pages. There are a number of documentation generators out there, each one tends to be more popular with a specific language. E.g. Sphinx ( for Python, mdBook ( for Rust, etc. I quite like Pandoc ( myself.

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    Not specific to API docs, but GitBook is pretty slick for publishing docs kept in version control.

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      Design looks great but it's pretty clunky when editing tbh.

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    I'm looking to try out

    It does require a server though. But you can easily set it up for free with a cheap machine on Google Cloud.

    I'd be interested to hear other options as well

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      We run on Slate and host it on Github: Very simple deploys.

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        Looks like exactly what i need. Can you tell me how your deployment process is like?

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      Doesn't need to be on a server, it builds a static site. Used it for a previous project. Host on Netlify for free easy hosting as well.

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        Thank you for clarifying !

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      Thanks, but doesn't look like it's suited for API docs. It looks more like a more generic solution for general documents sharing.