May 22, 2019

Best landing page builders?

George @geg1700

Hi all, I’ve been searching for a drag and drop landing page builder that doesn’t have extortionate monthly fees!

If anyone knows of any builders that are suitable for a simple one page site (my web app is already built using php and bootstrap), then I’d love to hear some suggestions!

Ideally ones where you can export the site and self host to not have to continue paying fees!

Open to all ideas, expensive or cheap!

Note: Must be responsive!


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    Carrd - it is hosted but pretty cheap.

    It's by @ajlkn - he was on the IH podcast recently too.

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      I use Carrd and I love it. I can download the html and load it to my hosting.

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        That's a great point/tip! :)

        I just used Carrd to create a one page website for a local IH meetup that I'm doing. I created it start to finish in 30 minutes. I was impressed!

        I need to upgrade my account so I can map the domain -

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    Versoly was built for your exact use case :) (disclosure I built it )

    Versoly is the quickest way to build a landing page that converts using tested methods such as no carousels and no accordion FAQs.

    One of the big features it has over other landing page builders is the ability to edit HTML inside the web app using an editor. Also has an SEO editor built in, so when you export you don't have to worry about meta tags later.

    It also comes with two templates at the moment.

    If you need any help setting it up, custom designs or feedback on your landing page feel free to email me.

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    I really recommend Twik, an all-in-one optimization and analytics tool. It performs A/B testing, obviously, allowing you to run multiple experiments simultaneously, segment data and review BI. Extra professional tool.

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    A friend is doing this - - You buy a template and host it, all for one price.

    I believe his idea is that hosting is so cheap these days, $25 can go a very long way for a very basic page that doesn't get a lot of traffic, which his most pages anyway.

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    We are looking at Webflow for Taskade. Easy enough to work with, and supports export to code.

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    Launchaco is nice

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