Growth February 16, 2020

Best/most creative marketing campaigns you've seen recently?

Anthony Castrio @AntCas

Saw this on Twitter today, promoting American teacher's fundraising campaigns by targeting people with the same name as the teacher raising money.

I love how personalized yet scalable it is and the campaign is pretty heartwarming as well (looking beyond the fact that American teachers need to raise money to do their job in the first place).

So, what other campaigns have you seen recently that made you think "oh, that's clever"?

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    When I worked at Google, they ran a campaign where they would send out an chrome book or Google home mink box to businesses with a small card into saying “Would you like to find out what’s in the box? Contact us using this code XXXX, and we’ll send you the contents of the box.

    I thought it was a pretty cool concept.

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    I think it is funny. But dont see it as a proper channel.

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      Can you elaborate?