August 26, 2019

Best name for a product?

Petebytes @apsion

Would love some feedback on the following product names for a product that helps Rails developers launch digital businesses.

In a nutshell, the Product is a Production geared developer happiness optimized platform with pre-built lean startup methodology to help you build a business not just a website.

It is similar to products like BulletTrain or Outseta

So which name would you choose?

1 - SaaSTemplate
2 - LaunchMage
3 - LaunchMuse

  1. 5

    RocketRail / RailRocket

  2. 3

    Of the three I would pick LaunchMage.

  3. 2

    LaunchMage sounds best to me

  4. 2

    I like LaunchMuse, but do you want it to communicate that it is geared towards Rails developers? I don't know if Muse has any relation to the RoR community.


    1. 1

      Thanks Nick - No relation of Muse to RoR that I know of.

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