Best no-code options for landing page

Hi guys, I am doing research for my blog. I would like to find out what is the #1 option for you to use when you are creating a landing page?
Do you prefer a simple HTML/CSS template or web page builders? And why?

I will definitely share the outcome blog post with you here.

Thank you so much.

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    carrd.co get templates from drrac.co yo =u can finish in under 1 hour

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      I 2nd this 100% 😀

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        LOL Glad you see some value ;)

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      I am using carrd but didn't know about dracc! Thank you, amazing resource!

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      This looks interesting, thank you.

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    Give Webflow a shot! It's an amazing tool that allows you to create anything imaginable, of course with drag-and-drop tools. That said, your understanding of HTML and CSS will come in handy since the the interface has tools with webdev names.

    With a paid package, you can export your code, all without Webflow branding or links in the entire codebase and even host your website on Netlify for free.

    Try Webflow, thank me later.

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      We tried Webflow some time ago and would definitely recommend against it. The interface is hard to use and you spend a lot of time setting everything up. And the resulting code is garbage. When I saw and the difficulty with getting some result of it, I had to rewrite everything into plain HTML and CSS over an evening. If you have some basic coding skills, I wouldn't pay for Webflow scam.

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      Thank you for rich answer.

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    What's the name of the blog? Would love to check it out.
    Webflow is a good option but there's a learning curve.
    Landen is easy and straightforward, for a landing page it's perfect.
    Carrd is similar to Landen, no fluff just a simple web page builder very easy to use.
    Versoly is another solid option, no credit card or login required. The founder @volkandkaya can tell you more about it.
    I have my personal fav, a hidden gem but these are all very good.
    Best of luck with your article:)

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      Thanks @nanatoni

      Versoly is simple to use but has the most flexibility due to the in-built code editor that allows you to change and import HTML/CSS/JS.

      It is a "no-code" tool as you can build and host a website without ever needing to code, but I finding knowing a little HTML very helpful.

      We recently added a blogging CMS that customers seem to be enjoying a lot.

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        Thanks, man. Yes, I know your product and I do really like it. I think you target the right group with the right features. I will test it out and write a review ;)

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      Thank you so much for your comment! :) I didn't know Landen and it seems to be a great service. I will definitely check that out.
      I'm writing a blog and documenting my startup journey starting this year. In the first blog post, I presented a way how you can sum up your startup ideas and valuate them: https://www.lunadio.com/blog/how-to-come-up-with-a-million-dollar-startup-idea
      This week, I am going to publish an article with great examples of idea validation with zero costs.
      After that, I would like to collect options for creating a landing page for the product + add some UX tips & tricks.
      Anyway, what is that hidden gem?!

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    Clickfunnels is extremely easy to use, it's just pricy. Other than that I would recommend using WordPress and finding a theme on themeforest that works for you. Bridge theme is pretty solid.

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    Webflow all the way, no question. I built designjoy.co using it.

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      Your website is stunning. Is it based on a template? if not please share the name.

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        Nope, custom built in Webflow! Really appreciate the compliments!

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      Your website is stunning! Loading speed is great too it seems to be optimized very well. I wish I can open your references in the portfolio, though.

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        Thanks! And yes, that's a much requested feature that I'll be adding soon, when I find the time. :)

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    Webflow for the huge community and plethora of options available. Carrd for a quick and simple one page site. I've used Wix and would avoid it due to the slow performance and responsiveness.

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      Why Wix? What do you like about their product?

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        Easy to understand - Easy to use

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    I would go with WordPress or SquareSpace.

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      Thanks for comment. Why do you choose these options?

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        I have years of experience working with WordPress. I use to build websites with SquareSpace because I'm a fan of their templates.

        I have to admit though that these days, I am using more Gatsby and Netlify. Why?

        • It is is easier making changes to code than to fuss with around with a buggy CMS
        • Hosting is free
        • Gatsby sites are faster and more performant
        • Domain name is easier to manage on Netlify
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    Webflow seems to winning in this space. I’d check them out.

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