April 7, 2019

Best no-code platform?

dizzy @d12zy

I'm halfway through a PHP upgrade to Catsnatcher (V3) and was astounded to learn that I can achieve most of what I wanted with Zapier and Bubble.

Is Bubble considered the most powerful no-code platform for web apps or is there anything better out there?

(I had actually managed to build my MVP of Catsnatcher on Google Sheets and V2 on Metabase but had always assumed that the latest web app version would have to be coded.)


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    Best? Probably Salesforce Apex or Mendix. But those are very expensive and very Enterprisey. NOT startup / weekend project friendly.

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    From what I've read Bubble is the best. It has a pretty steep learning curve but is powerful.

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    I've been very happy with Bubble.

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