Notion January 13, 2021

Best Notion Resources?


I'm digging into Notion as I think it'll be a great place for Ziev and I to house the Wiki, project roadmap and content ideas for No Code Creators, however I've haven't used it before this project. has been a great starting point to get the basics down, but do you have any recommendations for more advanced topics to really get the best out of Notion, please?

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    Check out Notion GMT+8 too, you will find a collection of tools and resources.

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    Try Notion Answers to give and receive help in any topic, basic or advanced.


    That way you don't limit to things out there, open your own questions and help others in topics that may not exist yet.

    Hope that helps. Cheers.

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      Great, thanks Polle. I hadn't come across this yet, so I'll definitely check it out!

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    Check Notion Everything. You might find something useful for you there:

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      Thanks, Luiz! It's gone on to my Saturday reading list ;)

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    Frances does amazing design work as The Notion Bar, while building some great templates.

    Red Gregory has a blog post explaining pretty much every feature in Notion.

    I've created 45+ Notion templates and guides too, as aNotioneer 😊

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      Thanks, Alex. Wow, congrats on creating 45 - that's amazing!

  5. 1 has some advanced products around notion (he's also active around here too)

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      Great, thanks Nuvic. Yes, I remember seeing one of this templates somewhere!

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