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Best one page page builders

Mantas @Mantelijo

What landing page builders do you use to quickly build something like a single page cooming soon page where the main goal of the page is to showcase upcoming product and collect some emails? Are there any good alternatives to carrd?

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    I would recommend Cheap and easy to use, and you can set it up so it just emails you someone's email address instead of needing to set up something like Mailchimp or EmailOctopus in the beginning.

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    The new Google sites is a good tool to use if you want to build a quick showcase/landing page. You can even build a micro site, connect a domain and it is free.

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    Unbounce is what we use. It's not the cheapest, but we have found it to have fantastic support, a great community, and lots of flexibility for custom features.

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    Hey @Mantelijo. I have recently come across which looks like a pretty slick tool. I have yet to use it for myself. I did have a play around and it looks pretty good.

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    Hi, I'm not sure you're familiar with Tailwind CSS, but since I found it I have been much more productive when creating websites. I have used on a project for one of my custormers and was really happy with the service.

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    My favorite atm has to be - made a couple of landing pages on it recently and its just such a pleasant experience. Gorgeous themes, decent customization and easy to use.

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    I may suggest Landen or Versoly. BTW I made a quick research and tested few options by myself. Here is the result:

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    Hey Mantas,

    We are building Dorik - Single Page Website Builder. We are in beta right now and planning to launch in early June. We have 10 templates and 120+ section blocks at this moment. Also, we have the Subscription Form with MailChimp integration (More integrations coming soon).

    Please let me know if you are interested to try it.

    Thanks! 🙌

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      Hi , i just checked your landing page, looks awesome even its in beta.
      May i know if you are using free version of Mailchimp?
      i want to know if it provies free api access to collect emails?
      I am using free version of mailchimp account and when i used its signup form, it has non removable mailchimp badge.

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        Thanks for your feedback.

        Yes, We are using free version of Mailchimp. The free version gives access to API. But you can use it without API in custom form with a plugin like

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          Awesome! I didn't know of it. Thanks a lot! 😊

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    I like leadpages for something quick. It also has metrics tracking and views for different devices.

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    I've actually been collecting links for useful things like this for a while. I hope you'll find these helpful:

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