Best paid and practical UI design resources

If someone asked me how to become a decent UI designer in a few months, I’d recommend:

For me, I found these courses organized and presented valuable information in a practical and pragmatic way that you can apply to your designs. The courses also encourage practice—key to retaining what you’ve learned.

  • Expensive? Some are, some aren’t.
  • Can you learn UI design without these resources? Of course.
  • Are these topics available on the web? Many, but not all. There’s bad advice on the web too.
  • Are they worth it? Probably, depends on you.

If you plan on freelancing or making your own app, then it may be worth investing a few months to really make something beautiful.

After these courses, just practice, play, and experiment.

Thoughts? Too expensive? Know of more or better resources? Tell me below!

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