May 23, 2019

Best place to bootstrap in Canada?



I'm moving to Canada as a Permanent Resident in a couple of months. Which city do you think is the best place to bootstrap in Canada?

I'm thinking of Ottawa since it's a big city that is English speaking and has a relatively inexpensive cost of living (compared to Vancouver and Toronto).

Please name your favorite city along with its pros and cons. Thanks.

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    Ottawa is a good option, however I think St. Catherine's Ontario is probably better. Not only are the housing prices comparable to those of Ottawa, there is a growing tech community AND it is only a short train ride from Toronto, which is where you will need to be if you ever want to meet people for business, talk to founders, attend conferences, etc.

    It's also got a nicer climate than Ottawa. I'm not sure where you're moving from but the winters in Ottawa can be extremely cold.

    I currently live just west of Toronto, but moved there from eastern Ontario, so I know my way around the province. Feel free to reply or message me on Twitter if you have any more specific questions :)

    Also, welcome to Canada! :D

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      Thanks! I'm moving from San Francisco Bay area and so I'm in for some fun if I move to Ottawa. I would look into St.Catherine's. Thanks for the info.

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