Productivity May 22, 2020

Best place to keep my 1,000 passwords? LastPass, Bitwarden or...


With more than 3 online identities, my social/forum/account passwords are just growing crazily.
While using Google Sheets (+ self-deciphered methods) to store the passwords, I'm still trying to find the ideal keeper. Any ideas?

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    I use Bitwarden free version and I recommend it 👌

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    I'm using Bitwarden for about 250+ accounts, and it's working great. The open source part helps with trusting it.

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    I use LastPass chrome extension - best one.

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    I use both bitwarden and lastpass. Lastpass is more user friendly. Bitwarden is more techy.

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    I have been using LastPass for few years. I'm pleased with it.

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    I tried lots of password managers (LastPass, Dashlane etc) and now use 1password. I have always found password managers buggy and frustrating and 1password, while not perfect, is the best I have found.

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    I've used LastPass Free for years now and would recommend it.

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    I use and recommend 1Password. It has clients for Windows, OSX, Linux, iPhone, Android, and now apparently the command line.

    Better, it integrates with the secure sign-on methods for your system. So for example, on my Macbook, I can use the fingerprint reader to unlock it. On Windows, I can use my PIN, and on my iPhone, I can use Face ID.

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      I've been using 1Pass for a year now and I find it so annoying. I have so many duplicated passwords and when I try to sign up for a new website it give it the default "chrome" name and I need to open it again and manually rename it. Idk whats wrong with it

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