April 17, 2019

Best place to post blog post?


I am working on some blog posts to increase my sites SEO and awareness, but was unsure of the best place to post them. I'm curious what the community thinks. I see the following as options:

My Site - Posting on my own domain under /blog. The pros are that it should add the largest benefit to SEO. Cons: It will not reach very many people since I don't get much traffic, but could eventually drive organic traffic.

Medium - Contact some of the larger publisher and see if they will post it. Pros: This would provide lots of eyeballs and could drive some residual traffic to my site. Cons: I think less overall SEO as the content would not be on my site, but theirs. I guess I would get a backlink though.

Combo: Post it everywhere! Post it on my site and also on medium/reddit. I just don't know if this might hurt SEO since the content would be duplicated in various places...

I'm curious what the community thinks. Where have you been posting your blog posts? What were the results?


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    Publish on your own website first! Then if you want syndicate on Medium.

    Make sure to use canonical so that your website will still get SEO traffic.

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      I've been wondering about this. When you import, Medium will set the publish date as the original date on your blog.

      If you were to publish on your blog, import, and then submit that to a publication, what are the chances that your post is too "old" to get any views by the time that it's posted there?

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        Why too old? You can syndicate the post on Medium minutes after you published it on your own website.

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          You can syndicate on Medium right away, but unless you have a following there, chances are no one will see it.

          From what I've seen, you need to submit your writing to a publication on Medium. This would cause a delay, right?

          So if you syndicate on Medium and then submit to a publication, your post might be too old by the time it's accepted and published through the publication.

          If you create a draft on Medium (skipping your blog) and submit to a publication, your post will be fresh when its accepted and published through the publication.

          Is that incorrect?

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            Uhm, I’m not that into Medium so I don’t know how publications make their decisions... 🤔

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      How do you do this exactly? Is there a RSS feed import into medium?

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        You can use ContentStudio.io to automate content syndicate to your own blog and other content hubs like Medium and Tumblr.

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          That looks pretty interesting. Have you used it for syndication? I'd be keen on a chat to understand this more. Could you send me a message on Twitter or Telegram (see profile)?

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    I’m posting to my site and then syndicate to medium via publications.

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      I think this is what I'm going to do as well

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    Pros: This would provide lots of eyeballs and could drive some residual traffic to my site.
    Not necessarily. Only if your posts are very, very brilliant, interesting, useful, outstanding.

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      Why would you spend time making anything else?

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        You think it's so easy to create brilliant, interesting, useful, and outstanding content?

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