New York City November 20, 2019

Best places to work?

Shridhar Gupta @shridhar

Where do you guys hang out? Cafe? Coworking spaces? Looking for a community of makers.

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    Maybe a bit of an unpopular opinion, but I've been able to get a lot of work at the NYPL. The internet is good enough (maybe consider getting a VPN), it's quiet, and there's usually a good place to set up camp for a day. It takes away the comforts of your office coffeemaker or the coworking space sofa, but you get a great place to focus.

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      Great idea! Usually I’m concerned about slow WiFi and lack of plugs, but I guess that’s not an issue here. Which library are you usually at?

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        The one by Bryant Park. There's a great reading room with large wooden tables and plenty of chairs. There are a handful of outlets, but the room definitely wasn't designed with laptops in mind.

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    I'm typically at Partner Coffee in Williamsburg in the mornings or any pub in Greenpoint in the evening.

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      I’ll try to find you at partner coffee this morning!

      Update: nevermind, just got here and there's no power outlets :(

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        Ah! I didn't go this morning. Yes, the lack of outlets is unfortunate. Are you in the area often? I've found a couple of good placed in Greenpoint that have outlets. Coffee isn't as good but you can stay all day.

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          Nope, not really. I ended up going to Black Brick Coffee, which was great. I'm usually around the village area in Manhattan.

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    Brooklyn might be your best bet for "maker". For software hackers, not sure.

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    My apartment lol. It's a horrible habit, but it takes so much work to get me out of the house to actually get work done. Anyone got advice on motivating myself to work outside of the house more?

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      I feel too lonely after a while.. I like being surrounded by other people’s creative energy

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    The coworking places I've been to are a cesspool of circle jerkers who don't like to do any work and like to talk in platitudes and cliches*. Its funny that they try charge you to have the "privilege" of being in that environment.

    *Sure its a hyperbole, but you get the idea.

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      hah. Wish there was a co-working space with membership dependent on git commits / day 😂

      that's unfortunate though. Hoping to find a solid startup network to exchange feedback with.

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        Here is one startup idea no one has thought of!

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