Newsletter Crew November 17, 2020

Best SaaS newsletters?

Beth Carter @bethkcarter

I'm looking for inspiration - anyone have any good recommendations?

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    If you’re interested in SaaS growth marketing you should subscribe to Positive Human by @iammarcthomas.

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      Cheers Andrea.

      Twice a month, I send out curated B2B SaaS growth resources with original commentary to the mailing list.

      Here's a couple of recent links that I included in emails:

      Subscribe! Join the other positive hümans ✌️

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        Amazing- thank you! You have a new subscriber :)

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    maybe there's something on

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      I'll look thank you!

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      Thanks Michael! I've subscribed to both!

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        Super Beth, hope it helps and thank you!

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    Few newsletters I found useful are:
    The SaaStr Weekly
    The SaaS Revolution Newsletter
    Price Intelligently
    SixteenVentures Newsletter
    Brian Balfour
    SaaS Weekly

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    I love to read Justin Jackson's Newsletter. He's always to the point, shares his personal experiences and - don't know how to say this - just feels so human!

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      Subscribed! Thank you.

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