Best SEO tools that AREN'T Ahrefs and SEMRush? Any indiemakers working on this?

For most founders and indie makers these tools are really overwhelming, and expensive.

Can anyone recommend tools to help you with basic SEO (keywords, on-page optimisations etc), that are more reasonably priced.

If it's made by an indiemaker, even better.

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    I like SEOwl, the founder is an Indie Hacker and a cool dude too!

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      Thanks for the shoutout !

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    Hey @olly,

    I'm working on an SEO tool called RankLetter.com (currently in beta).

    It follows this premise: SEO isn't tricky because it's so hard, but because it's too much information and confusion.

    The core goal of RankLetter is to provide actionable information to make decisions on - custom for each site, automatically generated. The basis is Google's Search Console data combined with insights gained from crawling the site. Rather do 90% right than trying to do it all at once and fail.

    Happy to help you on-boarding for the beta. If you are already using GSC you can start straight away.


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    Hi Oliver,

    I'm currently making SEOwl which aim to be a complete SEO monitoring tool.

    Happy to discuss about it or SEO if I can be of any help !

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    Hey @olly,

    I'm working on Seotagg, it's an indie tool that streamlines SEO research (with openAI) as well as the writing process to help create a better SEO/content workflow. We're currently ready to start testing with beta users. Would love to have experts in the space test it out, so let me know if you are available!

    🙌 seotagg.com

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    I have been using SEO services for many years because my goal is to improve my site's rankings in search results. This way I attract more traffic and therefore ultimately attract more customers. At first, it was very difficult for me to compete with other larger businesses. So I decided to turn to an SEO specialist. I turned to https://www.danielfoley.co.uk/ and this guy really helped me improve strong organic growth in website traffic. Thus, my business has become much more popular. By the way, this guy's prices for services are cheaper compared to other companies.

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    To be honest, for the value of semrush/ahrefs, it's a reasonnable price. 100$ per month to get all (tracking keyword, backlinks, website analytics...).
    I don't think it's possible to have the same for a lower price.

    But mangools and serpstats are good competitors in this area.

    You can take a look of the ubbersuggest tool also,it's free, but not a very good tool....

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    you can get a long way with the free google tools if you use them properly
    there is the adword tool, google trends and possibly a few other things linked there...

    Moz has some stuff

    there is https://www.wordstream.com/ and a few others
    anything specific your after?

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      MOZ's free tools are mostly garbage. They have captcha's everywhere and daily limits.
      My favorite tools so far is SpyFu and iSpionage. They offer more insights into what my competitors are doing and it is easier to follow them.

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      to start with I'd like to identify 15 - 20 keywords to track including 5 I'd like to optimise for. Will check out the links! Thanks.

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        There are SERP checkers/trackers some even sold as standalone one off, and you might also find some free ones to track your position on a keyword running on your computer/server

        to identify some potential ones use google search itself with the autocomplete feature for example, the adwords keyword tool for volumes and ideas including on competing sites, google trends for comparing generic topics with coutry locations

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