March 20, 2019

Best technology choice for a Blog with optionally paid Posts


I am currently conceptualizing on a sort of educational portal for Data Engineering. The idea is to have a site with a blog where I share tips, tricks, trends, insights etc.

Then, in a section called "Projects" I plan to give deep insights about specific projects from being planned over implemented up to evaluated. This can be one large post or a series of a few posts.

For more complicated and insightful projects I might want to charge a few bucks in the future.

So, I am looking at some educational templates on Wordpress (like or but obviously I don't want to commit to some kind of technology/template and find out later, that it wasn't the right choice. Maybe someone already has experience with my kind of concept.

  1. The Demos don't show what happens after a user has purchased. Do you customize it in a way that they might get access to certain pages after the purchase?

  2. How customizable are Wordpress pages really? I kind of fear to get locked into an array of restrictions by using not being able to customize certain aspects, e.g. the templates call those buyable entities "courses" whereas I'd need them to be "projects". How hard would that be to change?

  3. Some Demos are really slow. Should I not consider them at all or will it usually be better "in production" without the demo overhead?

Or maybe you'd suggest better options than Wordpress for my kind of venture? I am open for everything as long as it allows for as quick a setup as the Wordpress thing and is not much more expensive dollar-wise than that.

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