Best way to collect email address?

Hello IndieHacker growth gurus!

Here's my dilemma: The CTA on my landing page (https://spireui.com) currently navigates users to try my application. My instinct is that this is the best way to immediately demonstrate value to potential users. However, I can't figure out a good way to collect email addresses in this flow. Any creative ideas about where to prompt for an email?

Of course any other feedback is welcome!

Thanks and happy hacking,

EDIT: Trying a new approach of making the primary CTA a form to send me a link to their API documentation which I can use to get them completely onboarded. Any thoughts on this strategy?

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    For https://helloclouders.com , we are evaluating various versions of landing page signup forms. We are testing Convertkit, Landen and couple of others.

    Landen is so far the best if pricing is not an issue.

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      I'm giving Landen a try. So far I am very impressed

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    Seems like a great product, but your headline is a bit confusing to me. While it perfectly captures what you are doing, I think it's a bit too broad. As a developer I would rather search on something like "OpenAPI App Scaffolding", and I would try to reflect something to that extend in your headline.

    The first line below there is all about SpireUI. Skip that and turn it around. Talk about the pain your potential users have. Those want to have an UI via which they can control their API. Then tell them that you can help them and the only thing they have to do is enter their API specification. If you solve their problem first they will remember your name better than if it's the first thing in the first sentence they begin reading.

    If you collect their API documentation first you can already generate a preview, and get them up and running. I'm not really sure about your pricing strategy, but depending on your goals you can think about possibly collecting email addresses afterwards.

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      Thanks for the detailed feedback. This is exactly why I'm on IndieHackers! I'm split testing some different copy options so I can dial in the exact messaging I need. Let's see how it goes...

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    I'm in a similar situation

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      See my answer from above

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    You can try https://LaunchSoon.net

    Just install it in a subfolder like /signup/ and link to it

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