Best way to embed video on a website?

Hello indie hackers,

I'm currently embedding a Youtube video for the mobile version of tailwindflow.io using iframe tags and src as https://www.youtube.com/embed/<ID> approach. It has been straightforward and easy to implement but is this the best approach performance wise especially for mobile phones ?


I have noticed sometimes it takes a few seconds for the Youtube video thumbnail preview to show up and the Youtube brand UI on the video has been a turn off as well. What are you guys using to embed videos on your site ? Currently trying to do this for a demo video of my product. Thank you in advance!

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    There are a couple of options, Vimeo (little pricey) and Wistia as examples, but there are a whole lot of other ones. My marketing websites are usually Wordpress, and there are a few Wordpress based plugins too.

    We're building imvidu and the idea is to let you embed your edited videos to external websites, but we won't have that functionality yet. Is there anything special about tailwind?

    Youtube- yes their own branding is a major turnoff and they recommend other videos that are not on your channel!

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      Thanks for sharing @Jajaygrow! yeah pretty much looking for a simple solution for embedding videos on my website. My site is built with Next.js/React and TailwindCSS but that should not affect things. Anything that works on a normal HTML site should work just fine on my end.

      imvidu looks really interesting. I would definitely be interested in that functionality once it is released. I'm not too versed in video content, are you using something like mux behind the scenes or are you building your own streaming video tech ?

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        Yeah, my guess is you're using an iframe, so it shouldn't really matter where you're plugging it.

        Oh thanks man about imvidu! I'd urge you to sign up to the early-beta program here then because we'll cap it off soon (if you're planning on doing much video marketing).

        I'm unfortunately not the tech genius behind it. My co-founder is. But looking at mux, looks like that's for live-streaming... we don't have any live streaming at this stage, as we're an online editor. Users will be able to share their videos or host it from our platform. But no live streaming required for this.

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          Cool and yeah looking deeper it does look like it is just live streaming! Trying out Wistia for now

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    I built custom code that starts with an image then after a few seconds will autoplay the video (no sound).

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      Nice! are you using iframe for this? I was thinking doing something similar but autoplay and load the iframe on a click event.

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        Yep, before I had it on click.

        Checkout https://versoly.com/ for current version

        https://versoly.com/96ab22c6/index new version

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          Nice! thanks for sharing. I'm giving https://wistia.com/ try to see how that feels compared to the Youtube embed. Going back to iframe if this solution does not work out.

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