March 14, 2019

Best ways to be productive / staying accountable with your progress?

Sebastian C. @sebastiancrossa

Hello community, I have a quick question for you all.

What are some of the best ways you guys stay accountable on the work you do?

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    Motivating the work force.

    I build stuff, and invest in hiring an operations team (or individual) to carry out the day to day activities, reach sales targets, etc...

    In short, it comes down to synergy. Work with your team, keep them motivated, set goals for all, and keep in touch with the analytics. If it's a website, then it's Google Analytics, Clicky.

    If it's a business that requires sales, operations, etc, then it's Woocommerce statistics, call-logs, number of meetings, etc...

    Only if the numbers are constantly documented, will you be able to make informed decisions, and keep the team motivated.

    One thing, the team needs to have access to the data as well in order to understand where they stand, and where we stand on a whole.

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      That's a great answer, Ihsan! I completely agree with you.

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    Perhaps I'm thinking about accountibility on a smaller scale, but I've been enjoying Focusmate lately. I work from home and can get easily distracted, but for each Focusmate session you need a clear enough idea of what you're doing to give your partner an "elevator pitch" of the task, as well as a reasonable expectation of how much you can finish in a 50-minute session.

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      Focusmate is great! I've given it a try a couple of times and it really boosts my productivity. Will definitely take the time to be a lot more consistent with going through sessions.

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    There's a couple of paths here; to be accountable to yourself, or be accountable to others. You should follow both paths.

    Being accountable to yourself is meditation. It requires focus and clarity, but can be lonely and full of doubt. I use "Loop habit tracker" on Android for my recurring dailies. V. v helpful.

    Being accountable to others is vital for perspective and feedback. You can get that with the regular "daily stand ups" on here.

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