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Best ways to create a product blog


Hey everyone,

We have our product static site / landing page setup and running really well using webflow. We now are looking to add a blog to our static site to generate some content marketing.

What we are stuck with is finding the best approach to extend our current site to cater for a blog.

Some solutions we are thinking about:

  1. Create a static site purely out of tailwind, html etc that is hosted separately to our webflow site. But have a button on the webflow site that directs the users to the blogging site

  2. Implement webflow CMS (never had experience with this so unsure)

  3. Look for alternative blogging site generators...

Would love some help on this :)

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    I'm using the Webflow CMS for DinoSaaS and it's worked well for me.

    Probably not the greatest CMS in the world, but I think there's a lot to be said for simplicity in having your whole website in one place (and simplicity in getting in set up).

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    We use the Webflow CMS components for our blog posts as well as the static site.

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    hey @sebh1234 , we are in a similar stack as you.

    We use Webflow for our main website
    and then we use ghost for our blog

    We self host ghost since its open-source. We went with a sub-directory approach rather than sub-domain because from my research, sub-directory has better SEO benefits. It might be a wash.

    I did submit sitemaps to google so now it has access to all our info but it was tricky, and if you need help with setting up your website + blog, my cofounder , @saifabid can guide you :)

    good luck!

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      Wow this is awesome.

      I really like your getting started resource. Is this built with webflow too?

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        Also @sebh1234 the way we pulled it off was :

        Our root domain points to nginx (ip1)
        Our ghost blog runs on another ip (ip2) and points to a subdomain (sub1)
        Webflow we also have running on its own subdomain (sub2)

        We point our root to nginx and then proxy /blog* to ghost and everything else to webflow.

        The key here being that nginx piece.

        Feel free to ask any other questions about this setup if you'd like :)

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    It's always easiest to use the same CMS you are using for your primary site (for SEO purposes).

    If you do use a separate platform make sure you are using a sub domain for the domain you purchased ( for example) and that you are submitting the sitemaps to Google otherwise you will get zero SEO benefit for blogging and your primary site will not rank.

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      This looks pretty cool, thank you. For anyone trying to find ghost (

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    This is where I'm at now. I'm playing with Hugo with a view to publishing on Netlify, triggered by GitHub commits. This should give us a fast-rendering website which we can host for free.

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      I should mention that we also have a static brochure site developed in Webflow, and the plan is to link to the Hugo blog site from there.

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        Thats really interesting - have you got a link to your current site? Would love to have a look :)

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          It's not live yet, but I'll try and remember to come back and post when it is!

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    I wouldn't recommend 1

    1. Can be okay.

    2. If you're looking for a solution that handles it all for you we built for that use case.

    I would love to learn more about your use case and why you made the decisions you did.

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