April 14, 2019

Best webinar software?


Anyone have any recommendations or top-X lists of popular webinar software that SaaS businesses use?

Preferably one that's freemium and priced to scale

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    We use Zoom and have been happy with it so far.

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    We've used Crowdcast alot and it has done us well - crowdcast.io

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    Answering my own question here after doing some comprehensive research.

    Would love additional recommendations -- here's what I boiled down to what I think look like solid options, in order of best offerings on their free plan:

    1. https://webinar.center (up to 50 participants)
    2. https://proficonf.com (45min max meeting time / up to 25 participants)
    3. https://livestorm.co/ (10 registrants limit, 20 min limit)
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      www.webinarjam.com - They do a 1$ 60 Day Trial if you want to test them. I like them for all the social integrations and multi-screen capabilities.