Beta Testing July 9, 2019

Beta testers for Shotgun Skyscraper Automation tool

Henrik Harju @henrikharju

Note: this is for SEO pros.

Making a Shotgun SkyScraper automation tool and looking for beta testers.

Here’s how it works: Input relevant keywords, we scrape top 100 pages for those keywords, fetch all the sites that link to the top 100 SERPS, return the emails for the competitors backlinks where available --> You get a list thats ready for targeted outreach within 10-15 minutes, just by inputting a couple of keywords.

Actual backlink success rate ranges from 0.5% - 2% with this technique and you can make it a lot higher with guest posts in last follow up. Easy to get a couple of thousand emails for a campaign, works best with informational type of content (non commercial)

Comment if you're interested in paid beta or if you would like this as a service for you.

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    Not an SEO pro...but can easily recognize the value in this...
    whats the paid beta rate ?

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      Since this uses paid Ahrefs & APIs extensively the beta is paid, starting from $299/month for a reasonable amount of competitor backlink emails.

      Get notified of beta here:

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        Why you need the external API here ?
        It's technically just mega scraper ?

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    For those looking to scale up backlink building, you can have a look at: