April 18, 2019

Betalist Review: Featured + Newsletter - $129 - Was it worth it?

Jesper Jørgensen @Mailorge

Hi everyone

Mailforge (https://mailforge.io) recently got featured on Betalist, as well as an entry in their newsletter and twitter channel. I want to share my numbers, so that it may help any other in here to decide if they should do it or not.

We got featured on Monday 15th April, and now four days later the traffic pretty much dropped to almost nothing. Right, so let´s get to the numbers.

We have received a total of:
114 Unique visits
30% Bounce rate
Avg. 5 Pageviews
Avg. 2:40 Min Session time
We got 15 new registrations
We got 1 new customer

We got 7 direct calls almost hours after it went live, from companies trying to sell us subscription management services :-)

Overall im pretty happy with the result. To be honest i didnt expect a massive BOOM either, because the visitors on betalist are not there to go on a shopping spree for tools :), and our main goal was to get our name a bit more out there, and with some luck a few more users, and that goal was hit.

I hope this will help some of you decide.


  1. 1

    Thanks for the numbers 114 unique visits is a little lower than I would have expected.

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