Better HARO?

Hey everyone,

So in my quest to get those juicy backlinks, I signed up for HARO. I love the concept, it's just that it isn't very user friendly. Three emails per day for the free version?

Is there anything out there that is a job-board type of website where journalists can submit source requests and sources can just filter by category? If not, should I build one?

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    Check out what @jadeCraven is making. It's an info product in this area.

    it's actual podcasts and journalists and newsletters who want to talk to bootstrapped indiehackers.


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    HARO is indeed a lot of grinding, and had quite a bit of success there getting a lot of good backlinks from top outlets. With that said, I think three emails per day is more than enough since it takes a bit of time to craft a good reply (which is needed to get into the good outlets). The only alternative to HARO that I have found is https://helpab2bwriter.com/, but it doesn't look near as good as HARO.

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    I am very disappointed with HARO. Who knows, you might find luck...

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      Thanks for your reply! I’ll look into it

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    I don't mind the layout of HARO's email and automatically add them to a certain inbox on my Gmail. I then create a custom filter to only see emails that contain SaaS, B2B, SEO, Productivity, etc. - the topics I'd like to write about.

    One thing that has improved the acceptance rate is to also connect personally with the journalists/writers on LinkedIn.

    Hope this helps.

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    I have some ideas on how to build this if you're interested. I think there's a right way to do it and a way that could just be a spammers paradise.

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    I am considering HARO, but have you gotten anything from it yet?

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    Hey, as a frequent HARO user myself, I understand your concern about the platform. However, I haven't found anything out there that is a job-board type of website where journalists can submit source requests and sources can filter by category. I would not recommend building one unless you know that people search for a tool like the one you're looking to build. If you need help building backlinks to your website, let me know, and I'm happy to jump on a consultation call for your site.

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      Thanks Josh! I think it would definitely be a challenge finding users, since it falls into the two sided marketplace problem. How has your experience with HARO been?

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        My experience with HARO has been great. I've built 10 backlinks from authoritative websites using it in just a few months.

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    Where do they make source requests atm? That might be a good place to see if you can carve it out and turn it into a separate place for them to find each other.

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      They currently use HARO mainly. Everytime I use it it frustrates me though, I have a feeling the consensus is the same amongst others

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