Landing Page Feedback April 16, 2019

Better positioning for our homepage

Brad Dunn @jesterhoax

So we built a product called OHNO ( and it's a product that fits in a brand new category, so we're still trying to work out the right messaging. I'd love some feedback. It's named after Taiichi Ohno, the guy from Toyota who popularised the Lean movement we all know and love.

Here is how we pitch the product so far.

OHNO interacts with your team to uncover all the friction in your business.

It highlights all the barriers preventing you from reaching your mission, objectives, and upholding the values that are important to your team.

It uses highly targeted 1 question surveys to uncover problems on the front lines, and then gives you a framework called the 5 Why's to get to the heart of why those problems appeared in the first place.

Think of it like the worlds most intelligent suggestion box.

Some feedback on our messaging, and just positioning would be great.
What i'd REALLY love are actual objections too. If you think about using it in your own team, why wouldn't you use it? (Also assume it's free for this thought exercise).

Also, when you view the site you'll end up in an experiment stream, so some may get different A/B tests on some of the hero text. Just an FYI