November 21, 2020

Better your tagline/one-liner.

Sai Indra Maryada @saiindra


I am about to start a service related to tagline/one-liners.

These can be product tagline or Landing Page main heading.

Tell me about your product and the current one-liner.

I'll see if I can make it better.

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    Thank you @saiindra

    Promote - Affiliate & influencer marketing made simple

    Promote is an affiliate and influencer marketing platform that SaaS and ecommerce founder uses to recruit, manage, engage, track, and pay their affiliates & influencers in one dashboard.

    We have a database of over 2k top performing affiliates and influencers.

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      It's already good.

      Right now I can think of only one.

      1. Harness the power of affiliates
      1. 2

        Thank you. "Harness the power of affiliates" sounds cool.

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    I don't have a published website yet, but the product is a curated collection of best designed apps from iOS and Android.

    Tagline: Discover best real app designs
    Subtitle: A curated collection of the most beautiful iOS and Android apps from around the world.

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      Please, let me know when this is live. Would love to see that.

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      what can be the name of the website?

      just name a sample one from your end.

      1. 2

        I don't have a name yet, maybe "Beautiful apps" or something along those lines

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          I just needed it because sometimes the name brings a lot.

          Thought the below ones:

          1. Get Inspired by design
          2. Beautiful apps for beautiful people
          3. Design is no accident, it's purposeful
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      This comment was deleted 4 days ago.

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    Thank you, @saiindra ! I'd love to get your take on ours! — Take control of your financial future.

    Chromabill is a B2C personal finance application on a mission to accelerate a healthier financial future for the younger generation. We're enabling our users to manage their money better through color organization and gain a strong financial foundation along the way.

    1. 2
      1. The future of personal finance
      2. Spend smatter. Live better
      3. Accountant in your pocket.
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    I have been struggling with a good tagline.
    I am building a service to make it easier to build web apps by not having to build or deploy your own api/server. Instead, regular JavaScript objects can be shared directly between your users.

    Allotize - Build Web Apps Without Server Infrastructure

    1. 3
      1. No Server. No Hassle
      2. Make Apps, Not Servers.
      3. Build Apps, Not Servers.
      4. Always Online, Always Allotized
      1. 2

        I like the second one, thanks! I think I'll squeeze "web" to make it clear that it's not for android/ios development.

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    Panelbear - Powerful, privacy-friendly analytics to help you grow your website.

    I have been AB testing different ones and this is the current "best performing".

    However, I am not super happy with it yet.

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      The current one is good.

      Below are few which came into my mind, something for A/B testing::

      1. Analytics Done Right.
      2. Boostrap for Analytics.
      3. No more crappy analytics. Get Panelbear.
      4. your data, your rules.
      5. get stats, not spam
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    Here's mine:
    Hometab — Get everyone on the same page.

    However, I definitely think I can do better. Some others I have in mind:

    1. A home for your remote team.
    2. All internal updates in one place.
    1. 2
      1. Update once, update them all.
      2. Your Internal Newsfeed
      3. The FrontPage for the modern enterprise
  7. 3 — A Chatbot Builder to Replace Your Website Forms

    1. 2
      1. No forms,No captcha.Just chat.
      2. make your website talk/smart.
      3. Talk to customers the way they want.
      4. All your forms in one bot.
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    Nice idea buddy.

    Powered by Tailwind CSS

    Deploy your MVP in minutes.

    Professionally designed and 100% responsive templates for startups and personal use.

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      Do you handle deployment, if yes where do you deploy?

      is it mentioned on the website?

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        You can deploy your website using @Michael_Andreuzza 's Wicked Templates on:

        • Render
        • Netlify
        • Aws S3
          and the list goes one
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          got it.

          how about these::

          1. Design Once, Deploy Anywhere.
            Wicked Fast, Wicked Simple.
          2. One platform, Infinite Possibilities.
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            I like the first one, very interesting

            1. 2

              thank you.
              Your site has "wicked" in it, so it is different from normal which will work good in tagline too.

      2. 2

        Oh sorry man, no there's no deploying, like @ulrichgero said you can deploy anywhere, they are only HTML markup.

        The only JS included and not all of them will be Alpine.js

        1. 1

          that's okay.
          Still, the first one suits your purpose :)

          1. 2

            Yeah! And I am testing it, thanks for that Saiindra.

            1. 1

              That's so good to hear.
              I'm happy that my effort is of some use.

              Also, try to use the other part of it somewhere.."Wicked fast, wicked simple"
              It really compliments your brand, can go with footer or any other marketing campaigns. :)

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    SpreadTheWorld: 400+ places to post your startup

    (I always post/promote and startup/product/project, not sure what combination is the best one.)

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      To be frank, the current one's are good.
      A quantifiable tagline followed by little description should serve the purpose.

      But I have a few lines which might be useful in general regarding your website, which can be used according to the situation::

      1. Get the word out for your startup
      2. give your startup the traction it deserves
      3. get ready to spread the word
      4. Access to your potential customers

      Hope these make any sense!

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        I like the 2.! I'll try it on my homepage, thank you!

        1. 3


          Thanks for that,so I'm not that bad.

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    Thanks @saiindra for doing this.
    We currently building,

    Current tagline- Hire the verified freelancers

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    Thanks! Edit videos 5x+ faster than before!

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    Hi I've very recently created this website. DrGeekyBum- Ace your grades & life.

    It has 2 sections, 1st one is general (themed blue) which helps students with productivity, optimizing learning & getting ahead in life and career.

    2nd section is focused towards medical students and doctors ( themed green). It will provide med students with notes and all other useful resources and guides to become better doctors.

    What would you suggest for a good tagline?

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    Hey @saiindra this is great! I'm not that great of a writer so I kept my "tagline" pretty simple.

    "Homemade granola, locally sourced, made in the heart of NY"

    1. 2
      1. A nutty, crunchy way to your heart.
      2. Local flavour, Local crunch.
      3. Crunchy, Homestyle, ready to eat.
      4. Crunch.Love.Repeat.
      5. Crunching locally, thinking globally
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        Haha I love these! Thank you 🙂

        1. 2

          I'm not that great with English but I'm a filmy buff having natural sarcasm tone.
          So that's why I have that little knack to using one-liners in daily life.
          hence trying it to see if it works professionally!

    2. 2

      I'm working on your tagline.

      Meanwhile, I want to say that even I was a software professional and currently want to get into the food business side purely because I love cooking.

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