Digital Nomads February 11, 2020

Bike-packing remote work set-up?


Upcoming summer I'm planning on doing several biking trips ranging from days to weeks. It's not that I can't leave my work alone, but I'd rather be flexible to work from wherever it pleases me.

As such I'm looking for a set up which is portable, solid, preferably resistant to the elements, and has a bit of computing power (enough to write code so now and then).

Components which I think I would need:

  • Solar panel
  • Battery pack
  • Solid but reasonable sized/weighted notebook
  • Solid water resistant bag(s)

Besides stuff I'm taking with me I'm already making preparations to my build and deployment pipeline in a way that I can trust this not to go wrong too badly, and that it is automatically triggered upon changes. This way it would eventually be possible to have a web-only environment to work from. A possibility I would consider is an external screen to my phone, but I'm not sure whether such thing is already viable.

Anyone here who has experience doing this kind of thing?

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    I have plenty of hiking and long distance cycling experience so I'll weigh in. I wrote blog posts, made videos and posted on social all from my GoPro/phone. Waited until in town to do editing, uploading.

    It's tough to focus on things not related to the trip itself. When in town I'd never want to do anything but eat and watch TV. I carried a solar panel on one trip, battery packs on the others.

    If you're planning on bringing a computer, get one that charges through usb-c and the biggest battery you want to carry. Forgot the panel. Not really worth the weight.

    I did a cross country trip with a CamelBak pack and a large duffle size dry bag. Also a 11 day, 1,100 mile trip to Crater lake, OR with the same setup. You can actually see it here
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      Those are the vibes! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and your story!

      I like your lightweight set-up! It's in no way comparable to the 20 to 30kg of stuff I took with me last summer, and I should definitely try to pack less...

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        That's a lot of stuff! My last adventure I carried a pack with a base weight of 17lbs. That's everything but food and water for 5 months of hiking.