Growth January 26, 2021

Bing is crushing it

Shashank @start123

Bing is sending me significant traffic as compared to Google.

The Bing Webmaster Tools is significantly better than the rudimentary Google Search Console. For my site Blanq it has populated far more information regarding SEO.

In the last 3 months,
Bing impressions: 290
Google impressions: 830

Though there are fewer impressions, Bing has double the click-through rate of 6.5% vs Google's 3.7%.

Also, seems promising.

If you have not already claimed your site on Bing, go ahead and do it now.

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    Thanks for sharing! I neglected to add to Bing, doing it now!

  2. 1


    Can you share your browser insights? I wonder whether this is due to Edge gaining users, just the other day I saw people recommending it for even android. But them not changing default search engine would be even more surprising.

    1. 1

      In the last 2 weeks at least, Chrome is still number one with 42% with Edge being about 5%. All the bing search users came from a Desktop/Laptop.

      1. 1

        5% is good, although I'm crying inside that FF is done for now.

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    good idea, I just set it up! Curious to see what it comes up with.

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    Not sure if I understood you correctly, but are you suggesting that we should publish another version to Bing @start123?

    1. 1

      Go ahead and submit your link and sitemap in Bing webmaster tools and monitor and optimize.

      1. 1

        Thank you so much for sharing this! Will try it for my productivity tool Brutask!

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    That's interesting. Are you optimizing your content specifically for Bing?

    1. 1

      Not really, I try to optimize for Google but I assume the best practices are similar in Bing too.....But yeah, I will definitely pay more attention to Bing now.

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