Black Friday deals from indie hackers. Add your own deal in the comments!

Maybe we'll include some of the best Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) deals in an Indie Hackers newsletter this week? 🤔

Let's see…

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    Hey Channing, we're doing our first one for logology.co 🔥

    For the whole week, our logo packages are available at 50% off:

    ✅ Grow package at $50 instead of $99
    ✅ Start package at $25 instead of $49

    Just use the code BF21 at checkout.

    Running until Monday 29th.

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      highly recommend them.

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    🎙️ Transistor.fm is doing our first sale ever!
    🎉 Get 20% off our annual podcast hosting plans

    🔥 Start unlimited podcasts from one account
    🔥 Try our new dynamic audio ads feature
    🔥 Create private podcasts

    👉 https://transistor.fm/blackfriday/

    (discount automatically applied when you sign up Nov 26 - 30th)

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    Haha great idea @channingallen! In fact I just wrote a post and shared how I came to the conclusion of running a Black Friday deal for Ruttl.

    I'm currently offering flat 75% off on all Ruttl lifetime plans until 30th of November. The discount code for the same is BLACKFRIDAY75 which needs to be applied at checkout page on stripe. 💯

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    I'll be offering 50% off a No Code MBA Membership!

    Regular price: $199/year
    Discounted price: $99.50/year

    The discount will be automatically applied on Black Friday :)

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      No Code MBA is sweet. Definitely a great resource to get started quickly on any project.

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      Ohh I love No Code MBA, highly recommend signing up for anyone scrolling through!

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    Ah I might be too late to the party... but we're doing our first one as well for Removaly!

    ✅ 25% off ALL plans using the code BLACKFRIDAY25OFF (all caps)

    No better time than now to make sure your personal information isn't all over the internet.


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    Get 90% off on premium themes based on Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap 5, React, and Figma. 150 limited orders available.

    👉 https://themesberg.com/black-friday

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    Everyone's offer looks amazing! I just have a little thank you gift for everyone on IH :D
    it's a cute little cat illustration pack. You can build your holiday graphics/promo with it and so on. Just use the code "thanks" in my gumroad shop to get it for free.

    Happy holidays everyone!


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    We're offering 30% off any of our video production gigs (perfect explainer videos for startups, brands, businesses, and products). We do them all live-action with real actors and custom scripts (if you need one). We do not use stock footage or do animated videos. We also have over 1K 5-star reviews from previous clients! Just let us know that you are coming from Indiehackers when you message us and we will apply the discount to your quote: https://www.fiverr.com/share/ZLAA9m

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    Hey Channing!

    Well, I just deployed the deals on wickedtemplates.com

    Free and Premium themes, UI Kit's, templates and landing pages built with Tailwind CSS, HTML & Next.js.

    and this is how they are.

    We decided to have 50% discount in all the products, templates, UI Kits and Bundles.

    Teams:$89.50 original-> $179
    Freelancer:$44.50 original-> $89
    Hobby:$24.50 original-> $49
    Single template:$14.50 original-> $29
    UI Kit:$44.50 original-> $89


    Thank you Channing!

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    We have something even better at Raport🚀

    It's a FREE public beta for everyone 🔥

    Raport allows you to analyze all your data (Stripe, Google, Facebook) in one app, delivers recurring reports and alerts you about critical events.

    🔗 https://raport.pro

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      @jkbl forgot to mention it's a limited time offer 😎

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    Black Friday? 🥱 We have something better: SUNday! 😎

    It’s November and in the northern hemisphere it becomes harder and harder to find the Sun. We make it easer for you: Get Shadowmap Pro now at 50% off using the coupon code "SUNDAY" ☀️

    Shadowmap Pro is the best tool in the world to visualize Sun availability relying on global 3D data.

    🔗 app.shadowmap.org/?signup

    Be fast, this offer ends on Nov. 29th!

    Shadowmap Pro gives you:
    🗓 Flexible date
    🔭 Fully free 3D camera
    🗺 Satellite + Outdoor basemaps
    🛠 Pro tools
    🧑‍🚀 Premium support
    ✨ … and there is much more in the pipeline!

    Shadowmap – Helping Humans find the Sun.

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    We're running a 30% discount on all licenses for AdminKit, a premium Bootstrap 5 admin template, featuring hundreds of UI components.

    ➡️ https://adminkit.io/pricing/

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    Divjoy is 60% off for the first 50 customers this week. 42 have already claimed so only 7 more people can grab the deal: https://divjoy.com

    What it is: Divjoy is a React codebase generator that helps devs build web apps faster with auth, payments, UI, and everything else they need.

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    💌 @Mailmeteor is running a once a year 50% OFF: https://mailmeteor.com/pricing

    Save time sending emails with Gmail, with the #1 best-rated Google app. Super useful if you plan to launch on Product Hunt, want to communicate with your users or run some targeted email outreach campaigns.

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    Get 50% off for DevDojo Pro:


    Code: blackfriday

    Below you will find links to many of the Pro resources 🙌

    🌪 Tails - TailwindCSS Page Builder
    🌊 Wave - Software as a Service Starter Kit
    💰 SaaS Adventure - 21-day program for creating a SaaS
    📝 MarkdownX
    🛠 Wordsmith
    📚 eBooks
    📜 Laravel Scripts
    🕸 DevBlog
    📺 Courses and Videos

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    Jumping on this train a little late, but here we go!

    50% off of Founders' Club by Indie Worldwide. Normally $120/year, now $60/year with the discount.

    Get a weekly introduction to an indie hacker making similar revenue as you + access to over $30,000 in free startup benefits including Stripe, AWS, MongoDB, and more.

    Use code BF50 as your referral code, valid only through Monday.


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    If you're like me and need custom email addresses for all of your indie projects, MX Route is having a $99 one-time BF deal (or $10/yr). Beats $6/mo for GSuite!


    Also, I'm not affiliated or anything, just posting a good deal 👍

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    Draftss.com - Unlimited graphic design & code on subscription

    BF Offer: Buy any 1 month plan, get 1 month plan free.

    Coupon code: BF2021

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    I'm doing a deal for gummysearch.com, the audience research tool for Reddit

    Indie hackers can use it to:

    • find problems to solve from online communities
    • connect with people for validation interviews
    • discover high-intent customer lead conversations

    Use code INDIE25 for 25% off, comes out to $15/mo

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    We are participating in Appsumo BF sale: https://appsumo.com/products/postpace/

    10% discount on lifetime deal.

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      Also I'm (as Better Sheets) in on the AppSumo Black Friday deals. Consumers need to have a cart with $150 or more in it to get the deal. So yeah we need to bundle up a bit. Maybe another IH post of IH'ers on AppSumo Marketplace should happen.

      Postpace plus Better Sheets gets ya over $150 cart, FYI.

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    50% Off on lightgalleryjs organization license. Use coupon code "blackfriday"

    Website - http://lightgalleryjs.com/

    A lightweight, modular, JavaScript image and video lightbox gallery plugin. Available for React.js, Vue.js, Angular, and TypeScript.

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    Hey, Indie Hackers community! We are giving 40% off on WeLoveNoCode🔥🔥🔥

    WeLoveNoCode is a platform to hire no-code developers on a monthly subscription. You can build MVPs, products, websites, apps 10x faster with the power of no-code. To get the discount, visit https://welovenocode.com/, click Get Started, join a call with no-code expert and redeem your 40% first month discount by sharing promo code QOwbLvnQ

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    50% discount site wide on greetpool.com
    Coupon -BF50
    Till Monday -29th November

    Stack up on your yearly needs of greeting cards.

    What is GreetPool?
    GreetPool is a digital group greeting card platform that enables multiple people to create and send one common digital card as a group.

    How it works?
    One person creates a card and shares a simple URL with friends, family, coworkers, clan members, or anyone via email/chat/text/slack/social-media etc. Anyone can add their greeting via that link and then at a pre-set time, the card is delivered to the recipient.

    What can it be used for?
    Birthdays, Farewells, Graduation, Congratulations, Wedding, Becoming Parent, Sympathy, and so much more. There are a wide variety of occasions and use cases. Check out the site for some more inspiration.

    Why GreetPool?
    ✅ Unlimited Card signers
    ✅ Manage everything in a few clicks, no more running around and chasing people
    ✅ Fully customizable greetings to give a 'real card' feeling
    ✅ Add GIFs, stickers, photos to make it fun and unique
    ✅ Download printable versions for a special gift
    ✅ Stored forever, can be accessed from anywhere

    Why group ecards?
    Ditch the formality emails/whatsapp/facebook/slack greetings! They are transactional and are lost moments after the transactional exchange is over. A greeting card is a more personalized, meaningful, and memorable way to make any occasion extra special.
    Also celebrating and acknowledging an event together as a group has higher perceived effort and sentimental value. It makes the moment more special and memorable for the senders, as well as the recipient. You get a digital copy as a memento of the collective celebration!

    Birthday Group Card Example


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      Just to add, the discount is applicable on card bundles as well - stock up on credits and use them any time.

      Buy now, use later!
      Credits never expire...


    2. 1

      This comment was deleted 5 days ago.

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    Hey! We're offering 30% off all of our plans for Noora

    Now is the perfect time to start learning what your users want you to build next and to gather feedback on your product roadmap.

    💰Startup at $20.30 instead of $29
    💰Growth at $41.30 instead of $59

    The discount is valid for the first 12 months.

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    To share my genuine appreciation with my supporters and community, I have a coupon code thankyou21 which can be applied to anything on my Gumroad to get 20% off. Coupon code valid until November 30, 2021.

    There are ebooks on software engineering and leadership as well as templates, best practices and tools for career in tech.


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    We help content marketers find and cite stats faster.

    Only $5 for your first month. Use promo code: BFCM21

    Visit PrimoStats.com.

    For Professional plans only. Offer ends Nov. 30.

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    At axonoptics.com, our eyeglasses for light sensitivity and migraine are 30% off.

    👓 Our lens tech originated at the University of Utah. Just use the code FRIDAY30 at checkout.

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    We just started one on Monday, offering 25% off all Oku subscription tiers with the code BOOKFRIDAY at checkout!

    We're building a companion app for readers and are currently putting the finishing touches on the next premium feature which'll hopefully drop some time next month

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    Have you ever started a running plan, but found it WAY too difficult?

    None to Run focuses on time on your feet, not distance or pace.

    Starting now, get 50% off the regular None to Run app price on the first year of an annual subscription (regular price every year after)!

    👉Save on an annual subscription


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    Limited access for only 10 people to Microns.io Premium with 33% off.

  31. 3

    Got 10% off for 3 months on the business plan. Coupon code BLACKFRIDAY30 on checkout.


    Video meeting service that includes whiteboards and task management. Check it out if you're interested.

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    Get 30% off on any monthly plan or 40% off on any annual plan at AppstoreSpy.com, mobile app store intelligence platform.

    We help mobile app owners to grow spying on competitors.

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    Hey Channing, thanks for the opportunity!

    We are running the following Black Friday deals:

    1. Tailkit - 30% OFF for the first 50 purchases (for each license)

    $55 for a Developer License (was $79)
    $139 for a Unlimited License (was $199)
    $384 for a Team License (was $549)

    Tailkit will help you design super modern dashboards and websites in minutes. It includes hundreds of carefully crafted, easy to customize, fully responsive UI components for your Tailwind CSS based projects.

    1. OneUI - 50% OFF / Dashmix - 50% OFF

    14$ for a Regular License (was $28 )

    OneUI and Dashmix are our best seller dashboard templates and are based on the latest Bootstrap 5 framework. They can help you put together clean and user friendly UI for your web applications, so you can focus on the development.

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    Plan, launch and manage your Instagram account, all in one place.

    The most efficient approach to grow your following - we filter hundreds of hours of research into 5-minute frameworks and Notion Insta OS, to help you plan, launch, and manage your Instagram account.

    All of this, just so you can stay ahead of the competition.

    Get access to Instagrumpy today!

    Black Friday Deal: $99 Only
    Regular Price: $399


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    Black Friday Offer:

    About SAAS Product - NuovoTeam:

    NuovoTeam is a Push-to-Talk (PTT) and all-in-one employee productivity suite that facilitates employee productivity tracking, communication and collaboration across your workforce with its distinctive features.

    With NuovoTeam you can

    1. Communicate with your team via the lightning-fast Push-to-Talk (PTT) feature
    2. Set up a single platform for VOIP calls, chats, audio & video calls, file exchange etc,
    3. Have a unified contact management system for manual or bulk contact uploads
    4. Track employee productivity by monitoring location, tasks & real-time clock in/out
    5. Enhanced Monitoring and Reporting with Insights like work hours, role-based access

    Black Friday Discount for new Users:

    14 days Free Trial and 30% Off
    Book Your Demo Now: https://nuovoteam.com/book-a-demo

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    Are you an indie bootstrapper doing your own accounting? Sync your bank transactions to Airtable and manage everything from there! Fintable is offering 20% off all plans this Black Friday week, so you can grab a personal/small business subscription for $67/year.

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    Want to get your dog 8 gifts for 🕎Hannukah without breaking the bank &/or want a perfect doggo-friendly 🎄stocking stuffer? Hoping to find that perfect 🎁gift for the dog lover in your life? LOOK NO FURTHER!

    TreatTeek is an accessible, easy to clean, & eco-friendly treat bag that clips onto leashes, backpacks, belt loops, & more, making treat access a breeze for those moments you need to distract or reward your pet.

    Say 🙅🏻‍♀️goodbye to pocket crumbs and plastic baggies and 👋hello to an era of easy treat dispensing!

    Purchase from: https://www.etsy.com/listing/742465480/pet-treat-bag?ref=shop_home_active_1
    10% off with code BFRIDAY10!

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    Thank you @channingallen for this idea!
    This year we're offering 50% off on the annual period on our all tariff plans of our online converter LeakID: Personal and Team for all new and current customers! There's no code, just click https://leaksid.com/pricing to access our pricing page and choose the plan you want. The deal ends on Monday.

    Pay less, use more!
    👉 LeaksID Business price: ̶$̶3̶9̶0̶ ̶ → $195
    👉 LeaksID Team price: ̶$̶2̶4̶0̶ → $120
    👉 LeaksID Unlimited price: ̶$̶1̶4̶0̶ → $70
    👉 LeaksID Standard price: ̶$̶9̶0̶ → $45
    *Discount is applied for the first 12 months.

    Our site: https://leaksid.com

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    Hope I'm not too late to the party :)

    https://folge.me - 40% off the best app for creating step-by-step guides and tutorials.

  40. 2

    Professionally Curated excel list of 1000+ Websites & Groups for Buying and Selling Businesses. 50% off if you use the code "blackfriday"


    What's included?
    ✅ 1000+ public & private marketplaces, business buying & selling groups, and intermediary websites.

    ✅ Descriptions of each platform for easy comparison so you can make better-informed decisions on where to list your business or acquire businesses.

    ✅ URLs of these platforms so you don’t have to go through the hassle of Googling them. Simply copy & paste the URL on the web and you will be directed straight to the page.

  41. 2

    Chatsilo Black Friday Offer



    30%OFF (recurring) on all plans

    This coupon is valid till the 3rd of December, 2021.

    ChatSilo is a mini Facebook Messenger CRM that helps you to nurture Messenger leads, manage projects, keep track of important conversations, build quality relationships, follow up with prospects, achieve your aim and get the sales.
    See the reviews here.

    To redeem the offer, your readers just need to use the coupon:
    BFCHATSILO on our site at https://chatsilo.com

    Thanks in advance.

    How to redeem:
    In order to redeem this Black Friday coupon - BFCHATSILO, please follow the instructions below:

    Visit https://chatsilo.com and then click on the button: Get Started for FREE.
    You would be led to the checkout page. Now, click Start Free 7 Day Trial Now.
    Our payment processor - Paddle would ask for your email and then on the next page, you would see the option to add a coupon code.
    Put in BFCHATSILO and boom, you would see that a 30% discount (recurring) would be applied.
    Enjoy and don’t forget to tell your friends.

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    Black Friday offer - http://quickrdesignsystem.com
    50% off for Black Friday, use code BF-50 ( limited time )

  43. 2

    🎁 Get 50% off on BlockSurvey annual plans. Only 50 spots left.

    BlockSurvey is a privacy-focused alternative to GoogleForms, Typeform, SurveyMonkey.

    You'll be locked in at this price for the foreseeable future.

    ✅Join Essential Plan for $60 (originally $120)
    ✅Join Standard Plan for $180 (originally $360)

    👉 https://blocksurvey.io

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    I'm late to this, but very excited about sharing a special deal for indiehackers.

    Airboxr.com is a Zapier for data: a GSheet add-on that connects to marketing sources and helps you import and analyze data through a no-code query builder. You can also use Airboxr to search for sales leads (or hiring candidates) and find their contact details at scale right within your Google Sheet.

    Black Friday offer:
    Flat 50% off forever if you sign up by December 5th. Go to the link below:
    👉 https://airboxr.com/subscribe

    Then use the code: AIRINDIEHACK on checkout.

    At current rates, you will get access at $9.5/mo. 🚀

    Indiehacker offer for Airboxr

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    Are you tired of launching cold outreach campaigns that don't work? 😔
    checkout SalesBlink😎🚀 on AppSumo https://appsumo.8odi.net/0JZkJR

  46. 2

    We're giving away a $5,000 worth design sprint to help fellow makers, bootstrappers and indie hackers!

    We work with companies like Morning Brew, Neurosity, Better Tomorrow Ventures so chances are you gonna get a pretty solid piece of product design expertise and knowledge :)

  47. 2


    Thanks for the space.

    Write Invisible - Write Like No One Is Looking.

    $7 Lifetime Deal - Coupon applied automatically.


  48. 2

    Sweet thread! I'm running 40% OFF on both Swipe.page and saasblocks.app use code "bf40".

    Swipe helps improve conversions on your website
    SaaS Blocks helps make the website ;) - React marketing components

  49. 2

    Hello Everyone,
    Here is 25% off on all items including subscriptions at visioun.com

    Use Code BF25OFF at Checkout

  50. 2

    I'm offering flat 50% OFF for all plans of valuetools.co
    Use the code BLACKFRIDAY2021 during checkout.

  51. 2

    https://recocards.com is 100% free for the holidays.
    Recocards is a platform to create Online Group Greeting Cards for Coworkers, Friends, Family!

  52. 2

    Just launched my first ever Black Friday sale for Plugins for Carrd - a little side project I started to sell custom plugins, components for those using the website builder Carrd.

    🔌 plugins.carrd.co

    🎟 34% off all plugins

    ie you get a single license plugin at $9.90 (original price $15)

    Sale ends 30 Nov

    Please use links below for the discount (it only works if you use them)..

    All single license Carrd plugins:

    🍔 Responsive mobile navbar -

    🏆 Testimonial slider -

    📋 Listings with filters & search -

    PM me for unlimited license URLs 😊

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    Doing my first ever Black Friday sale for Lifelog, so am trying something crazy - "50 for 5":

    🎟 50% off monthly plans for 5 mths.
    🎟 Or 50% off the annual plan (1-time).

    Only time we're matching Medium's subscription fee.

    Great for indie hackers, creators, founders who wish to develop a daily writing habit but could never sustain it. Here we start small, just 100 words a day. Daily streak tracking included.

    Use discount code BF50FOR5

    Sale ends 30 Nov.

  54. 2

    ✅ Makers need social...
    ❌ Makers don't have time...

    That's why we built FeedHive!

    Get superpowers on social with our AI-powered Social Media Marketing tool 🔥

    We're running a Black Friday offer where you get 50% off on all our plans for the ENTIRE FIRST YEAR.

  55. 2

    ⚡ JavaScript In The Industry ⚡
    Learn how professional teams want you to write code.

    50% off!

  56. 2

    🎉 Softr.io (no-code platform to build web-apps from Airtable) - is offering a 30% discount on all Paid Plans for 6 months, allowing you to unlock the full power of Softr with any of our paid plans. (FOR NEW USERS ONLY)


    You can apply the discount by navigating to My Account > Billing tab, click Upgrade and enter the code before subscribing to any of the plans.

    The offer is valid till the end of Cyber Monday - November 29th, so make sure to not miss it!

  57. 2

    It's the first time I ever offer a public discount for UXWizz - formerly userTrack.

    Get 50% off with code BF2021 for the UXWizz Company and Agency licenses:

    ✨ Company License - Save $149 (from $299 to $149)
    ✨ Agency License - Save $745 (from $1490 to $745)

    Discount code valid until the end of Monday 29th.


  58. 2

    Trickster (recently used files utility for Mac) 50% off until the end of the month at https://www.apparentsoft.com/trickster. It saves tons of time and frustration every day.
    I'm the developer.
    Other apps on the site are also 50% off but this one is a must, IMO, for any productivity-oriented Mac user.

  59. 2

    💣💥30% OFF on my PocketTube https://yousub.info/ on the annual subscription. To get it, use coupon code: bf2021 on the checkout page🚀

    PocketTube is a browser extension for organizing subscriptions on YouTube🔥

  60. 2

    Hey Channing,

    Typing Hero offers 20% off on its Lifetime License. No code required, just make the purchase from within the app.

    It's the first discount ever in 3 years. Now is a great time to get it at its lowest price.

    The deal ends when November 30th ends.

  61. 2

    Cut Into The Jamstack will be selling for $1 on Black Friday!


  62. 2


    Get life time 75% off on any package and subscription!

    Create a website from a CSV/Airtable/GSheet
    API to upload and deliver public & private files over a CDN
    Add speech, subtitles and music to a video in 5 minutes
    Your landing page from a template

    Until November 30th :)
    Thank you!

  63. 2

    🔥 Pay once and enjoy LabiDesk forever ⚡
    Help Desk for Customer Service & User Engagement! 🤗
    ✅ Shared Inbox
    ✅ Ticketing System
    ✅ LiveChat
    ✅ Knowledge Base
    ✅ Customer Portal
    ✅ All future upgrades and features are included!
    🔥🔥🔥Limited batch!

  64. 2

    I've created a special Linkz.ai deal this year for our smart link auto-previews that keep visitors on your website:

    🚀 50% off on all plans for 6 months
    🚀 Applies for new & existing users
    🚀 Use code BLACKCYBER2021 at the checkout
    🚀 The code expires November 29, 2021 23:59

    Deal URL: https://linkz.ai/blog/the-best-saas-deal-for-black-friday-cyber-monday-2021

  65. 2

    50% OFF on WatermarkHere.com with Coupon "BLACKFRIDAY".

  66. 2

    I'm having the first black friday sale for 1UpBlitz. It's 20% off for the first 30 people. 1UpBlitz is the first SaaS starter for blitzjs that will save you 60+ hours of work. Head to https://1upblitz.com and use the discount code 1upblackfriday during checkout.


  67. 2

    Get More Work Done with Unlimited Access to Neuroscience-Based Visual & Sound Therapies, Pomodoro Timer, and To-Do List.

    🔗 https://www.wiredvibeapp.com/

  68. 2

    Hey, currently having a 50% OFF on all plans for Customsitenow!


    it's already applied ~~

  69. 2

    Hey everyone!

    Get 50% off all templates built with TailwindCSS and NextJS and new upcoming releases. The deal is active till 1st December.

    Coupon code: bf2021
    View Store


  70. 2

    Hey IH's!

    We'll be offering Product HQ at a 50% discount.

    Regular price $40
    Sale price $20

    Use the code FRIDAY.

    Give me a shout if you have any questions!

  71. 2

    DronaHQ is offering 40% OFF on Annual plans and 25% OFF on Monthly plans.

    DronaHQ is a low-code platform to build internal tools and operational apps rapidly.

    100+ pre built controls
    Build for web + mobile
    Powerful builder for frontend actions and events
    Unlimited users across all pricing plans
    Built-in database available
    Ready templates for internal tools, dashboards, checklists, process apps
    Ready to use connectors to over 50+ databases and APIs
    Strong community + documentation + tutorials
    BPM Workflows & Automation Builder

    🏃 Signup and avail the discounts!

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    Hello @channingallen!

    We at Thrivedesk.com are having a Big Black Friday discount on our pro subscription 🛒

    For Monthly Subscriptions, we are offering a 50% discount and 60% yearly! 💸

    Check out more details at https://www.thrivedesk.com/pricing/ 💸

    ThriveDesk is simple, affordable help desk solution for small and medium businesses managing customer support. 🚀

    It's an alternative to Helpdesk, Intercom, Zendesk, Freshdesk, etc.

  73. 2

    I feel like doing this would piss off my other customers who have recently paid full price.

    1. 3

      How often does this really happen? I think society at large is accustomed to the fact that deals happen and sometimes you catch them, sometimes you don't. At least consumers are. Might be slightly different with enterprise customers.

      1. 2

        I'd be genuinely interested to know. Jeffrey who runs Laracasts wrote this and I think it's excellent:

        It has become a tradition at this point. Exactly once a year, Laracasts runs a ridiculous sale to celebrate Black Friday. And that "once a year" starts today! Get a whopping 50% off your next invoice this week only.
        On a personal note, for a subscription-based business, I have to admit that these sales always give me a small bit of anxiety. We've all become desensitized to sales and marketing speak from gigantic corporations, but, as a small business owner, I assure you that reducing our, frankly, already reasonably priced plans in half requires a bit of faith. Will the traffic and interest we receive this week offset cutting our revenue potentially in half? I sure hope so. And, besides, traditions are traditions. Fingers crossed.

  74. 2

    Hi Channing!

    I'm offering 50% off…

    ✅ Communitable: MAKERS EDITION
    Regular price: $39
    Discounted price: $19.50


    ✅ Communitable
    Regular price: $29
    Discounted price: $14.50

    Both come with a viral community marketing swipefile too!

    Discount starts on Black Friday and expires 30th November

    Just use the code BLACKFRIDAY21 at either checkout.

  75. 2

    Thanks, Channing🙌

    My book about using Twitter right is at 50% off all this week.

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  76. 2

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    ✅Website builder (no coding)
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    MX email routing for $29.40 p/year, pay with Bitcoin

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  82. 1

    Oh wow I’m totally using some of these offers for myself! 😬

    Also, for those community members that made it to the “next level” and need to build a team:

    75% Black Weekend discount (!) on https://www.drafted.sh

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    Plus there are more exciting features coming real soon!

  83. 1

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  85. 1

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  86. 1

    Get the book Laravel Secrets with more than 60% off. Coupon automatically applied until Nov 29.

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    Nodewood, my JavaScript SaaS boilerplate/starter kit is 50% off until end of day on Monday!


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  97. 1

    Late to the party... but Outdone is the web's first Ai-powered gift recommender. If you're struggling to find great gifts this holiday season, try Outdone! https://www.outdone.io

  98. 1

    Great initiative Channing!

    I've just recently launched to participate in Black Friday as well.
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  99. 1

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  100. 1

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  101. 1

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  102. 1

    Community Weekly is a paid publication for founders who strive to create community-led startups.

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  103. 1

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    The stand-alone browser for ambitious developers that want to build responsive, accessible and performant websites, and save time while doing so.

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  104. 1

    SaaS Pegasus: The Django SaaS Boilerplate, is 50% off this week (a $375 savings) on an unlimited license with lifetime updates to Pegasus.

  105. 1

    Convert your website into a fully-functional mobile app in minutes with Red Goose (https://goose.red).

    Take $100 off on your orders with a special coupon code ‘MEDIUMRARE’ this whole week of Thanksgiving. You gotta cook your turkey to perfection after all. (The goose with a notorious smile.) 😏

  106. 1

    Ikuna - Save and load your workspace with ease.

    ✅Save the layout of your apps with one Click
    ✅Multiple screens support
    ✅Saves your tabs as well (Chrome and Safari)
    ✅Hides or kills open apps that are not included in your workspace

    It's 100% Free
    (Not really a Black Friday discount as we are just building it, but would love for more people to find out about it.)

    Download Ikuna

    #WorkspaceManager #ContextSwitch

  107. 1

    At VEED.IO - This Black Friday Instead of offing a discount 💸

    We will be donating $5 from every new subscription to climate change 🌎

  108. 2

    This comment was deleted 5 days ago.

  109. 1

    This comment was deleted 5 days ago.

  110. 1

    This comment was deleted 5 days ago.

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