June 2, 2020

Blackout Tuesday and Helping BlackLivesMatter

Manuel @ManuelMaccou

Not sure if this is the best place for this, but considering the shared interests in technology, I figured I would try. Im sure you all know, today is "blackouttuesday". The problem is people are adding the "blacklivesmatter" hashtag to the black square posts. People have been using that hashtag to find useful information for protestors, ways to donate, and more. Now that information is getting buried.

Does anyone know of a product that can export posts based on hashtags and maybe filter out certain posts? The goal is to take all posts with "blacklivesmatter" hashtag, remove the black square posts, and display the remaining relevant ones with the useful information.

Thanks everyone. Be safe.

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    I do not know of any but this would be very easy to build utilizing the Keras package in R. You would just need to get access to Instagrams API that gives you access to "public" posts aka hashtag posts.

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      I wouldn't know where to begin with that, but if anyone reading this would like to take a stab, I think you would be helping out a lot of people

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        Already started on it! Waiting on acceptance of API access for Instagram then will be up. I'll keep you updated.

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          YES! That's awesome. I'll keep an eye on this thread. How will people access the filtered posts?

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            Gonna start it and present it to Instagram/Facebook on a quick site I quickly built that allows you to view the filtered posts then click on them which sends you into Insta to that post but hopefully, they will implement it directly into Insta. That would be the best solution!

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              Sounds good! When it's ready I'll help share it.

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