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Blog or Newsletter?


I'm planning to start writing soon. My content is almost ready, and so are 10 articles.

My question is which way do I go - create my own blog, or sign up on substack? Which is better?

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    Hey Rofws:

    Always own your content and the way it is presented to the public. If you publish your content in another platform like medium or substack, for example, they own your content. They can decide to change the way its presented, change urls, put it behind a paywall.

    In your own blog, under your domain, it is you the one that decides how the content is presented.

    It's fine to use other tools, like Substack, but as a way to promote your website/blog.

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      I agree with you completely that the best solution is to have a blog of your own. However, I neither have the time nor the resources to create and maintain a self hosted blog at the moment. But that is definitely on my radar a few months down the line. Substack is just somewhere I'm looking to start from.

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    Substack is both a newsletter and a blog, so just go with that and you can always change later.

    If you have 10 articles ready then you've waited too long to launch.

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      This sounds like the best thing to do, I think. Thanks!
      Yes, I've probably waited too long..

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    I recently launched my own, I had the same questions as you have and I went the "cheap and fast" way.

    I built my blog on substack -> but because substack doesn't really have a landing page, I created one for free with and connected it to my personal domain ->

    I saw also saw a nice implementation with super for notion as a landing page for a substack blog/newsletter but I can't find the website...

    And I did all this in a couple of hours and had everything ready in one weekend.

    Like people say, just ship it.

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    Hey I would suggest you to use ghost. With ghost you will get great writing experience & You can use your domain & Ghost is SEO friendly. DM me if you need help setting up Ghost

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    I don't think these are exclusive. If you have a blog, why wouldn't you distribute it via a newsletter (assuming you have an audience)??

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      I agree. I think substack is the way to go then!

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    There isn't really a right or wrong, it depends on your preferences and what you want to achieve.

    It seems like everyone has a Substack these days, another option is Ghost that does blog and newsletter.

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      I'm really just starting out with this, so I don't have much of a preference.
      A blog would mean doing SEO by myself, which I don't have much time for.

      I've decided to start with substack. Let's see how it works out.

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        substack is more of a subdomain so SEO doesn't really flow much kinda like blogspot sites.

        it's almost the same as having your own website on wordpress.

        if you need seo power from the domain. medium would be better. I think.

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