Blog posts are ranking but main site isn't?

Hi everyone!

I've been focusing on SEO optimization for RecordJoy (www.recordjoy.com) for the past week and I am happy to have been able to achieve a few tangible results. The first four links on Google for "recordjoy" now show some relevant blog posts from both IndieHackers and Remote.tools (whereas before nothing would show up at all). However, my main site URL "www.recordjoy.com" is still no where to be found.

Does anyone know if there is something I should be doing differently to get the main site linked, as opposed to just blog posts mentioning it? I'm wondering if its because its built on Next.js whereas the blogs are more static content.

In case it helps anyone in the future, here is a list of things that I have tried so far:

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    I'd worry less about "recordjoy" as a keyword because realistically who is going to search for that? You should be MUCH more concerned about ranking for search terms to which your site might be what the searcher is looking for.

    For example, I could give a shit if "songbox" ranks on google, because if people are searching for that then they already know it exists.

    However search terms like "How to share music privately" and just "share music privately" are gold to me, because that's what songbox does and that's how new people find it.

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    I suggest building high DR links to your home page with branded anchors. You can use HARO for this.

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    Very good question. My advice is to get other authoritative websites to link to your home page with the anchor text of your brand name.

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    Your homepage has been indexed so there aren't technical problems. It's not ranking probably because it's new. I'd definitely add "RecordJoy" to your page title.

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      Thanks for the tip, just changed the page title from "Share screen recordings instantly in your browser" to "RecordJoy - Share screen recordings instantly in your browser".

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    It takes a little bit of time, but it'll get ranked, likely #1.

    A couple tips:

    1. search "site:recordjoy.com" to see all ranked pages. your site is there, just not on the first page yet
    2. sign up for google search console to see the ranking over time, as well as the search terms you get impressions/clicks for
    3. I use the ahrefs free tier for additional SEO tools, would recommend
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      Thanks for the tip, I didnt know about using site: previously. I also just signed up for google search console as well.

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        Welcome to the patient world of SEO

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          two days later and now its rank 5 on Google, your right just had to wait!

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            Nice! Google's pretty good at serving the best content for the user's intent, and brand names usually get to #1 pretty quick.

            1. 2

              its number one now!

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      I used the paid Lite tier of ahrefs, but if you can't go there yet, have a look at neilpatel.com too - he gives out loads of free tips and advice. Good YouTube content too (same for ahrefs).

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